Stylish Pets: Kelly Thompson's Cat and Dog Billie and Butter

A day in the life of the illustrator's modern pets

Billie and Butter, with illustrator Kelly Thompson. Picture / Supplied

Like most modern pets, Billie the beagle and Butter the cat make frequent appearances on owner Kelly Thompson’s social media accounts. The Melbourne-based pair, who live with the New Zealand-born illustrator and her husband Christian McCabe (co-owner of restaurant The Town Mouse), let us in on a few of their favourite things...

My favourite food is...
Billie: That little bit of marrow that I can't quite reach inside the bone, I licked it once, changed my life.
Butter: Anything taken from the rubbish bin while Kelly sleeps, I'm pro forage.

I like to annoy my owners by…
Billie: Sneezing in their faces to wake them up so I can force my way under the blanket.
Butter: Singing like a cat possessed whenever someone enters the kitchen.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is…
Billie: Go back to sleep.
Butter: Watch everyone have a shower, I like to watch.

When visitors come over I…
Billie: I can't even talk about it it's too exciting, I pulled a muscle mid full body tail wag last time.
Butter: Copy the dog.

My favourite place to sleep is…
Billie: I like to be a pillow, I don't care where I am as long as someone has their head on me.
Butter: On Kelly's face.

I hate it when my owners…
Billie: Pretend they have a treat in their pocket when they've actually run out.
Butter: Squirt me with the water bottle when I'm on the bench.

When I’m feeling naughty I…
Billie: Pee on the bath mat.
Butter: Steal the dog treats from the top of the fridge, eat some then give the rest to the dog, she knows who's boss.

My favourite item of clothing is…
Billie: I have a collection of items from Best in Park from a shoot I did once, bow ties are not just for boys.
Butter: Anything Kelly wears that's fluffy.

The secret to my shiny coat is…
Billie: Like our owners we keep food fresh and as natural as possible. Our diet is all about raw meats and fermented grains, I like to pretend I ate it straight out of an animal I hunted.
Butter: I'm strawberry blonde and naturally radiant.

My favourite sounds are…
Billie: The rustling of an empty poo bag by the front door, eeeeeee walk time!!!!!
Butter: I'm pretending to be deaf so can't comment.

My best friend is…
Billie: Kelly.
Butter: Billie.

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