Must-see Performance: The Black Quartet

The string quartet will perform with special and equally stylish guests at this year's Auckland Arts Festival

Iselta, Jessica, Mahuia and Rachel of The Black Quartet. Picture / Guy Coombes. Stylist / Danielle Clausen

It’s the collective sound of musical ensembles - big or small - that make them such a delight to listen to, which is why the musicians’ dress code is usually limited to inconspicuous black; they’re there to be heard, not seen. So we’re celebrating the details of The Black Quartet’s attire, honing in not just on their sound, but their talents as individuals.

The string quartet, who have played with a host of talent, from Kanye West to Ladyhawke, as well as appearing at our fashion show at the Viva Sessions last year, are part of the Auckland Arts Festival, which begins today and runs until March 20. The four-piece will perform Unstrung Heroes, with special - and equally stylish - guests Rob Ruha, Tiny Ruins and Lawrence Arabia.

Clockwise from top:
Iselta Allison wears a Zambesi coat, $890, and Meadowlark earring $1299.
Jessica Hindin wears a Kate Sylvester jacket, $629, camisole, $229, and pleated skirt $479.
Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper wears a Zambesi coat, $825, with his own T-shirt and trousers.
Rachel Wells wears her own dress and vintage earrings, $349, from Love & Object.

STOCKISTS: Love and Object, Meadowlark, Kate Sylvester, Zambesi.

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