6 Things that Might Help Your Hangover

Although there's no proof, trying a few hangover fixes is better than nothing

The Hangover. Picture / Supplied.

“Beer before liquor makes you sicker. Liquor before beer, never fear.” Right?

Wrong. You downed a few too many glasses of wine last night, and now you’ve woken up with the hangover of all hangovers. How to handle the next few hours, and ensure the first day of 2016 isn’t a complete waste? Here are a few things that might help your hangover...

1. Before you do anything, head straight to the H2O. The usual advice is to follow every glass of alcohol with a glass of water, with as many as you can before you go to bed later that night — and throughout the day after.

2. Gulp down a blue Powerade as soon as you wake up to prevent dehydration (which is often why a pounding headache follows after your night out). Those things have electrolytes and they work a treat, right?

3. Sweat it out with a gentle workout. Go for a walk to get rid of last night’s toxins, or slip into a sauna if you can’t be bothered moving.

4. Though there’s no scientific evidence that a plate heaped with bacon, chorizo and eggs may solve everything, cram in fat and protein-loaded foods anyway and help your body try to absorb last night’s tequila shots. Try one of our favourite ‘Morning After’ brunch spots.

5. Grab a Bloody Mary topped with crispy bacon from Meadow and go for the classic hair of the dog approach

6. Consume a coffee. Though it’s hotly debated if this actually works, at least you will be a more alert hungover human rather than just a hungover one.

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