Our Favourite Shows Worth Watching This Winter

It's Netflix and chill season. Snuggle into these viewing suggestions from the Viva team

Big Little Lies is back on screens this year. Photo / Supplied

I’m currently watching I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson. I’m a big fan of SNL and sketch comedy, and there’s some really great and random sketches in Tim’s new show, featuring guest performances from Andy Samberg and Cecily Strong. Some of it is so absurd and deranged, so it’s the perfect option for when you want to watch something that’s utterly frivolous and silly.
— Dan Ahwa, creative director

Natasha Lyonne's hilariously dark modern-day version of Groundhog Day, Russian Doll is a must watch. Each episode is only about half an hour, so you can power through a few in an evening. Expect to laugh-out-loud, and also ponder the meaning of life. Oh and it has an excellent soundtrack.
— Rosie Herdman, writer & fashion assistant

Where do I even start?! I'm eagerly anticipating season two of Big Little Lies, the first season's cliffhanger finale left me with so many unanswered questions. I don't want to spill much tea for those who haven't seen it (what are you doing with your life - head over to NEON to watch season one immediately), but it's a binge-worthy 'who dunnit' style watch. There's a great big Married At First Sight-sized hole in my life, so I plan on sinking my teeth into Netflix's Santa Clarita Diet. I'm two seasons deep and totally hooked. It's bloodthirsty and bitchy. I'll never look at Drew Barrymore the same.

It was massive in the 1980s, and the modern makeover of Dynasty is equally as juicy. There's been media scandals, money laundering, shocking affairs, drugs, deceit and more. It's about as saucy as they come and Elizabeth Gillies is a perfect fit for the forever sassy Fallon Carrington. I usually spend an entire episode with my mouth agape.
— Ashleigh Cometti, commercial editor & beauty writer

I ploughed through the ten-episode debut season of Dead To Me in record time, devouring it in the space of three short evenings. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardenllini star as unlikely friends who meet at a grief support group after losing their significant others. Described as a ‘traumedy’, this show is full of deliciously dark twists, with the leading ladies turning out captivating performances that have me counting down ‘til season two.
— Saru Krishnasamy, digital editor

I've been recommended to watch One Island of Good which is now available on ThreeNow after premiering at the New Zealand Film Festival in 2017. The New Zealand-made doco follows the alternative education class at the YMCA for 12 months which includes a trip with the students — excluded from mainstream schools — to Nepal.
— Sarah Downs, writer

Please don’t email me if you find Anthony Jeselnik’s Netflix comedy special Fire in the Maternity Ward offensive, because I hereby declare that I take no responsibility for this recommendation. His comedy falls under the “politically incorrect” category but that's putting it mildly. No subject is off limits, no matter how sensitive, and that includes religion, dead babies and Alzheimer’s. His deadpan delivery belies the depravity of the content, and you never quite know where the punchline will land, which is part of the fun. Enjoying this doesn’t mean your morals have gone out the window, it just means Jeselnik is a very skilled comedian. 
— Johanna Thornton, deputy editor 

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