Huffer co-founder and director Steve Dunstan. Photo / Supplied

Watch: Cassidy& In Conversation With Huffer's Steve Dunstan

The world of social media and its impact on mental health are key touchpoints in this insightful conversation

For the past year, presenter and model Cassidy Morris has been quietly working on Cassidy& — a web series described as “a space for conversation”.

“I have been a presenter [on Bravo TV] for the past three years," she says. "It feels like the right time to change the conversation I was having. Cassidy& is a space I created to challenge people’s way of thinking, hearing other people’s opinions and learning about different experiences.”

Over the past month she has spoken to singer Teeks, model and filmmaker Lili Sumner and model, actor and activist Roxie Mohebbi.

For her fourth and final in this series about screen time, she sits down in the Resene Blue Room with Huffer co-founder and director Steve Dunstan to chat about how he has navigated the world of social media, its impact on mental health and more. 


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