Andy Warhol photographed at the Factory with superstars Jane Forth, Jackie Curtis, Joe Dallesandro, and Holly Woodlawn. Photo / Jack Mitchell, Getty Images

What We've Been Crushing On This May

The things that caught our hearts this month, including an art-filled documentary and a pair of delightful, audacious heels

The Andy Warhol Diaries
"I'm currently halfway through the new six-episode Netflix documentary The Andy Warhol Diaries and am discovering things about the famous artist that I hadn't known before. The collage of footage and imagery is set to a really good soundtrack and makes for a compelling watch, capturing particularly the art scene in New York during the Reagan administration where excess was commonplace. The series focuses heavily on Warhol's groundbreaking influence on pop culture and his complicated relationships with three main protagonists  the interior designer Jed Johnson, Paramount Pictures vice-president Jon Gould and painter Jean-Michel Basquiat."  Dan Ahwa, creative and fashion director

Loewe Nail Polish Heel Sandal, $1850, from Faradays
"Recently, I popped into Faradays and fell head over heels (literally) for these heeled sandals by Loewe. The objets trouves nail polish heel feels very apt given my 9-5 (and my personal policy to only ever wear firetruck red on my toes — any other shade feels like a crime), so naturally they shot to the top of my wishlist. My current go-to black heels are fast approaching the end of their life, so I feel I can justify this luxury purchase as a need as much as a want." — Ashleigh Cometti, beauty editor

Schneid Studio blanket, $228, from Ssense
"I have been crushing on interiors to make my home super cosy for the cooler months without impeding on style. I love the idea of a seasonal throw and this plush piece from German brand Schneid Studio has caught my eye. The subtle ombre stripe in berry tones will be uplifting when the chill factor sets in." — Annabel Dickson, fashion assistant

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturising Cleanser, $72, from Mecca
"This cleanser is, in my opinion, the ne plus ultra of winter face washes. As the cooler months have started to make my skin feel palpably more parched, this creamy formula, made with goat's milk proteins, mānuka honey and avocado and jojoba oils, lifts way dirt, makeup and anything else my face has weathered throughout the day, all while keeping it hydrated and soft. Its scent is lovely too." — Julia Gessler, digital and production journalist

Look Here: On the Pleasures of Observing the City by Ana Kinsella
"I love walking, looking and watching people in the midst of a city; it's my favourite thing to do abroad and at home. Another fan of this activity is the UK-based Ana Kinsella, and she's written a book all about it. The recently released Look Here: On the Pleasures of Observing the City is about the joy of urban life, and explores 'the delight to be found in everyday interactions and chance observations'. I've followed Ana's work for a few years — Layers podcast, the London Review of Looks email newsletter — and she has a thoughtful lens on the world. I can't wait to read this." — Emma Gleason, commercial editor

Clink gin subscription service
"I was recently acquainted with this new premium gin subscription that delivers a different local gin to your doorstep every month (or every 3, 6 or 12 months). Founders Katija Vlatkovich and and Helen Pennington say it’s a great way to try new things, support local and keep up to date with the burgeoning gin scene in New Zealand. I was introduced to a rhubarb-infused gin from The Spirit Workshop, a small batch distillery in Christchurch. Its Curiosity Ruby Gin is a lovely blend of sweet and zesty. It came with a snack, two mixers, garnish, and a little flavour wheel illustrating which garnishes go with which type of gin, all packaged in a recyclable cardboard box with minimal plastic." — Johanna Thornton, deputy editor

Shadow Camp online PT programme
"One of the best things New Zealand personal trainer and actor Moni Meredith said to me when I was considering signing up to her online PT programme for women was, ‘Don’t overthink it’. Smart, because how easy is it to come up with all the reasons why you shouldn’t take on something new and challenging? I’m now several weeks into the eight-week Shadow Camp and feeling stronger and happier than ever. Moni is so aware of all the psychological tricks we play on ourselves that she’s spliced the home workouts — a mix of boxing, Pilates, weights, HIIT and conditioning — with nutritional, hormonal health and emotional support. So park the excuses and sign up at Don’t overthink it."  Rebecca Barry Hill, writer

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