Your NZ Fashion Week Horoscopes

Find out what's in the stars for you this New Zealand Fashion Week, or if you should just stay home

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Don’t over-analyse things this week. Avoid confrontation if someone is sitting in your seat. You love feeling like you’re in a community, so standing in GA suits you. Embrace this.

Celebrity Aquarius muse: Oprah Winfrey.
Lucky colour: Hospital green.
Shoes: Clogs.

The Dreamer

Sunglasses and headphones are your saving grace: sunglasses to hide the fact that you are falling asleep all the time, and headphones to listen to an accompanying dreamy soundtrack. People like your romantic aloofness. Stick to this and you will go far in life.

Celebrity Pisces muse: Rihanna.
Lucky colour: Millennial pink.
Shoes: Glitter creepers.

The Impulsive

Your thrill-seeking nature is infectious, but slow down. People will enjoy a relaxed version of you. Try to finish off one thing on your to-do list before the end of the week. It is only then you can truly pat yourself on the back.

Celebrity Aries muse: Mariah Carey.
Lucky colour: Gold.
Shoes: Patent Mary-Jane pumps with a block heel.

The Hedonist

Your stubborn nature and allergic reaction to synthetic fabrics will put you in a good position this week; but you must be gentler. You’ll be surprised. Fortune will come your way if you try a little tenderness.

Celebrity Taurus muse: Tina Fey.
Lucky colour: Mud.
Shoes: Maryam Nassir Zadeh slides.

The Inquisitor

You have the same star sign as Donald Trump. You will have a bad week. Try and stay positive.

Celebrity Gemini muse: Marilyn Monroe.
Lucky colour: Burgundy.
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Decollete 554.

The Persuader

Any feeling of insecurity will be heightened this week, but your lust for life will see you through. Make sure you find time to swim in the water this week.

Celebrity Cancer muse: Selena Gomez.
Lucky colour: Chlorine.
Shoes: Espadrilles.

The Lover

Your irresistible nature and creativity is endless. Wear something Latin-inspired such as ruffles or gold hoops. Maybe try them together. People will be mesmerised.

Celebrity Leo muse: Jennifer Lopez.
Lucky colour: Tabasco sauce.
Shoes: Saint Laurent platforms.

The Analyser

Stop being a perfect robot and be messy for once. Try and sneak into the Stolen Girlfriends Club after-party on Wednesday night. It is here you will find your true self.

Celebrity Virgo muse: Beyonce.
Lucky colour: Tar.
Shoes: Red patent pumps.

The Diplomat

Consider working front-of-house or helping ushers this week. Your graciousness and level-headed nature are welcome traits and will put people in their place. Buy a Lotto ticket, you’ll be surprised.

Celebrity Libra muse: Usher.
Lucky colour: Guacamole.
Shoes: Tom’s.

The Leader

You might encounter two admirers this week. One is blond the other has reddish hair. Pursue the one with reddish hair; they will make you a nicer person and provide you with one of your most important life lessons.

Celebrity Scorpio muse: Emma Stone.
Lucky colour: Fluorescent orange.
Shoes: White canvas sneakers.

The Traveller

Your combination of good looks and humour inspire others to try and catch up this week. Travel will be on your mind as you try to stay focused in boring conversations. Take a deep breath, walk backwards slowly.

Celebrity Sagittarius muse: Chrissy Teigen.
Lucky colour: Peach.
Shoes: Chanel sling-backs.

The Disciplinarian

Some life-changing news will come your way regarding your career. Be prepared by looking professional every day. A pantsuit, spectacles and briefcase will prepare you for good or bad news. Good luck, you will need it.

Celebrity Capricorn muse: Pitbull.
Lucky colour: Navy.
Shoes: Moc-croc.

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