6 Style Lessons We Learned from Jackie Collins

Almost as famous for her love of leopard print and power jackets as her salacious "bonkbusters", we look back at the glamorous style of author Jackie Collins

Jackie Collins, at home with her pet poodle in 1968. Picture / Express/Getty Images.

  1. Never repeat a jacket
    "To avoid being caught in an embarrassing repeat, she maintains a book where she records which jacket she wore where, retiring them for at least two years after a public outing."

  2. And always pack a black jacket
    "My suitcase must absolutely contain … My cameras: a Nikon D5000, a Sony Nex-5, and a Canon G11. Black Robert Clergerie boots, Nike running shoes, a Dolce & Gabbana black leather jacket, and a couple pairs of Louboutins."

  3. Underpack
    "When it comes to luggage, I am an … Underpacker. I like to shop. Packing tip: put your clothes on wire hangers and keep them in the plastic bag from the cleaners. Fold in half, hang them when you arrive, and they never crease."

  4. Buy your own jewellery
    "I collect sapphires and rubies. I like to get my jewelry myself."

  5. Heels have an age limit
    Collins categorically disapproves of older woman in heels. "I think they make them look ridiculous. They only look great on twenty-something girls."

  6. Black is the new black
    "Black pants and a black top will take you anywhere as long as you’ve got great jewellery."


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