Bloggers Katherine Lowe, Leilani (Lani) Momoisea and Maddy Budd. Picture / Babiche Martens.

Powerful People: Katherine Lowe, Lani Momoisea and Maddy Budd

These grown-up bloggers are helping shape what's considered cool

A power shift has occurred in fashion media, with trends no longer dictated by magazines each season. The pace at which new products are delivered into stores has affected how these messages are communicated; consumers’ appetite for information demands immediacy and something much more personal. Cue the increasing influence of bloggers and Instagram stars. Internationally, their influence has been much more pronounced – locally there are many, but few with an original voice that impact on sales.

Katherine Lowe, Leilani (Lani) Momoisea and Maddy Budd are three who are genuinely helping shape what is considered cool, and actually moving product. The trio are close friends and are constantly plugged in with what’s happening around them. They are experts in utilising social media — namely Instagram — alongside their day-to-day roles: Maddy is studying business, Katherine manages social media for top model agency Clyne, while Lani is a journalist for Radio New Zealand International.

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