NZ Fashion Week Diaries: Writer & Fashion Assistant Rosie Herdman

Go behind-the-scenes with the team on the ground at NZ Fashion Week 2018

Rosie Herdman. Photo / Supplied

6:30am: Alarm goes off and wakes me from the extremely realistic impression of a log I’ve been doing all night.

Last night was the Hailwood show — videographer Lula and I were roving around interviewing people for our daily Viva videos, and the editor sent through the video edit at about 2am (yikes) so I watch it straight away. Immediately hate watching myself talk but love watching everyone else — why is it we’re the harshest critics of ourselves? #deep

7:10am: It’s absolutely bucketing down outside — my heart goes out to anyone doing an outdoor show today.

7:30am: Feeling like a new human after a shower, I have a small bowl of porridge for breakfast as I always eat as soon as I wake up — it’s got apricots and crème fraîche on top (shout out to Brendan Manning for keeping me fed this week). Wow, it’s been a wild ride so far guys! How riveted are you?

9:15am: I head to the office and record the intro for today’s fashion week video with Lula — it only takes two or three tries this time as opposed to the 20 it’s taken before this. Am I getting better or caring less?

10am: Viva fashion editor Dan and I get an Uber down to Hugo’s bistro for a Champagne breakfast event with Yu Mei, a lovely Wellington-based leather goods brand. They’re serving delicious mimosas and tiny Croque Monsieurs. Jessie, the designer of Yu Mei, gives the best off-the-cuff speech to a room full of people, telling us about the bags, the premium leather they're made from and the fact that they're all named after people who are close to the brand in some way. Cute! There are some beautiful and unique colourways like a light minty pistachio shade and a cool red colour.

11am: I walk in the rain sans umbrella down to the Fashion Week venue to meet and chat to twins Bec and Marissa Karagiorgos, the duo behind successful Instagram and blog Twice Blessed, for a feature in Friday’s edition of the Viva Daily. They tell me how great their minder/assistant has been during their time here. I wonder where I can get one for next year.

11:30am: I walk back to work, luckily it’s stopped raining by now, and regrettably eat most of a packet of honey soy chicken crisps. Feeling dehydrated, I write a couple more bits for the Viva Daily as it’s going to print at 4pm today and try and fail to resist Dan’s open bag of bagel crisps.

Legend @lulacucchiara ???? it looks like I’m grabbing you by the ponytail lmao

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2:00pm: After finishing a couple of bits off for the Viva Daily, I get an Uber down to the Fashion Week venue to go and harass people backstage for our Viva videos at Wynn Hamlyn’s show. The show itself was incredible —beautiful suits and coats, great knitwear and cool casting. One of everything please!

3:30pm: Lula and I head to linen label Hej-Hej’s showcase, which is situated on a moored yacht at the Viaduct marina (#lit). Luckily, by this point the weather is positively summery compared to this morning. We have to take our shoes off before boarding and put on some cute slippers that say “Oh Hej”. Nice touch. Being handed gin cocktails as soon as we board is also a nice touch, and we spend a while on the boat pretending we don’t have work to do.

4:30pm: Back at the office and feeling a little tipsy/rocky from the boat, Lula and I go through the video footage from the day with our video editor who has the best name (shout out to Frangipani) and ask her to leave pretty much everything stylist Sammy Salsa said in the video because he’s a legend.

5:30pm: Because I’m a nightmare, I make Lula re-record part of the intro from this morning, and because she’s a dream she pretends she’s not sick of the sight of my face yet.

6pm: I hurriedly get changed for Kathryn Wilson’s show, which is followed by a dinner with Georgia Alice and the Stolen Girlfriends Club show. Kathryn Wilson actually says it starts at 6pm but fashion shows never run on time — let's hope it's the same tonight.

6:40pm: Sitting between Viva beauty editor Janetta Mackay and Dan at the show, it starts fashionably late and we are treated to some lively models and great beats — is the DJ for hire?

7:00pm: Dan and I hightail it outta there to go to dinner with the divine Georgia and Bella from Georgia Alice —they’ve put on a special meal to thank people for their support over the last six years and it’s super lovely, not to mention the only nutritious food I’ve consumed outside of my house in the last week (seriously shout out B Manning without you I’d be dead).

9:00pm: We’re still at GA and realise that Stolen Girlfriends Club was supposed to be at 9 — once again, relying on the fact that fashion shows are always *fashionably* late, we get an Uber there and arrive right on time.

The show is absolutely packed, as all Stolen's shows typically are. It starts with a spotlight that randomly shines on a spot in the audience — it's quite funny because the guests it's shining on look super stressed and try and shuffle out of the spotlight. It's your time to shine guys!

Anyway, turns out a model was hiding in the audience and he steps out onto the runway, then the show starts for real. It's actually a cool show — the female models have these cute grungy top knots in their hair and heavy black eye makeup, the guys all look like they'd be emotionally unavailable and have an amateur Soundcloud music career, but that's the lewk right?

I particularly like some of the women's suiting and two-pieces, the styling is cool and there are some good leather bits in there as per usual. The guys are all wearing fluffy Stolen Crocs which look pretty comfortable as much as I hate to say it.

The show ends with Jess Quinn closing, looking badass and walking on her blade, then inexplicably some models come out dragging light-up wheelie bins that say Stolen on them, followed by Marc Moore, the designer. #TrashChic

10:00pm: Everyone is going to the afterparty, but I'm within walking distance of my house, so walk home with two goodie bags (one I'm taking for my friend Gina who was in the show but wants to go straight out afterwards, I'm not a thief guys) and when I arrive, wash my face, slap on some serum (shout out to The Ordinary, sponsor me!) and tumble into bed. 

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