A Model's Guide To Surviving NZ Fashion Week

Manahou Mackay shares her top tips for making it through the busiest week on New Zealand's fashion calendar

Manahou Mackay, 62 Models. Photo / Marissa Findlay for Zambesi

“I’d say eyedrops are really important, having lots of makeup taken on and off really irritates your eyes and you’ve got to have pearly white eyes on the runway and backstage.

Taking a makeup remover you’re used to is a good idea, because often they use quite irritating make-up wipes backstage that can be tough on your skin.

Take a pair of heels with you if you’ve got something to do afterwards and you want to look really cute.

Chewing gum! There are always people in your face doing your make-up and you don’t want to have offensive breath. Very, very important.

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Staying hydrated is really important — I take a bottle of water and some snacks, maybe some almonds.

Get your beauty sleep — you’ve got to go to bed early-ish. As early as you can with all the fun things that are going on at night!

Face masks — I do a face mask every night, you’ve gotta make sure you’re moisturised up.

I don’t usually bring music or books — maybe some headphones for when you have heaps of downtime, but often you’re walking shows with friends, so you can just socialise and it’s just fun to hang backstage.

This year I’m going to bring a disposable camera, and take my own backstage photos and stuff of all my friends, I think that’s going to be really cool, going through all the memories.”

— Manahou Mackay, 62 Models

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