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The 7 Best Vintage Spots

From Tango to Hunters and Collectors, see the best vintage stores New Zealand has to offer

Shop second-hand - it's ethical and environmental, reducing landfill while eliminating manufacturing materials and processes. Opshops usually support a worthy cause, too, although you're best to go boutique if you want someone to do the sifting for you.

1. Tango

High-end and designer vintage, mainly sourced from Europe. Visit Tango (55-57 Little High St, Auckland) for its collection of hats and special occasion dresses, and fab stories from owner Driss.

2. New Lynn

A suburb not a shop, but New Lynn is a collector's paradise. The Salvation Army (Unit 8, 2 Margan Ave) is one of the best op-shops in Auckland, then there's Savemart (21 Veronica St), collectibles store Deco to Retro (3 Tomo St) and Americana destination Cockspurs Vintage on Totara Ave.

3. Vixen

Though it's hard to single out vintage stores in St Kevins Arcade, we keep coming back to Vixen for their 80s dresses, vintage tees, sequined jackets and America-sourced goods.

4. The Preservation Society
Formerly The Modern Miss, owner Violet Faigan fills The Preservation Society (21 Moray Place) with gems from the early twentieth century and beyond, with shelves overflowing with accessories.

Homeware, furniture, kitchen bits and clothes - Rummage (1 Anderson Rd, Matakana) is a fun jumble with cheaper prices than the city. Check out the rest of the Matakana Collectibles Trail while you're there.

6. Dead Man Vintage
Sadly, the Grey Lynn shop has gone, but the online home of Dead Man Vintage still has a curated selection of Los Angeles-sourced pieces from the 20s to the 80s.

7. Hunters and Collectors

This Cuba Street institution is a haven for designer wares, often stocked with pieces from Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, and local designers such as Zambesi and Nom*D. If you're not in Wellington, save the store's Trade Me account as a favourite.

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