Who's your celebrity style muse? Photos / Getty Images

Celebrity Style: The Viva Team Share Their Famous Fashion Inspirations

We sure like the way these stars wear clothes

The business of dressing a celebrity can be lucrative, however, no matter how much access a well-known face has to designer duds and a team of stylists, there are certain celebrities who add their own, unique and innate sense of style to their looks.

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Here are the stylish faces who are getting the Viva team's seal of approval. 

Assistant fashion editor Rosie Herdman finds inspiration in Katie Holmes' new wardrobe direction. Photos / Getty Images

“Although I don't really look to celebrities for wardrobe inspiration, I enjoy R&B singer Jorja Smith's sense of style.

She does a great job of mixing masculine and feminine looks — wearing streetwear one day and a figure-hugging dress the next. It's a good reminder to not be pigeon-holed into one genre with my own wardrobe.” — Saru Krishnasamy, digital editor

Beauty editor Janetta Mackay is inspired by the Oscar winner's streamlined looks. Photo / Getty Images

"When it comes to dressing French women win every time. Effortlessly sexy and an innate awareness of what looks good on their bodies rather than following the latest trend. Caroline de Maigret — the ultimate Paris style icon — is famed for her fun approach to dressing well and (like thousands of other non-Frenchies) I adore her!

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I'm drawn to her style of selecting out one strong piece like a great coat or biker jacket, and pairing it with more basic items such as perfect-fitting jeans, good quality t-shirts, and black boots....my dream wardrobe." — Sarah Downs, writer

Deputy editor Johanna Thornton and fashion assistant Annabel Dickson love Tracee's ability to have fun with fashion. Photos / Getty Images

"My celebrity style inspiration is currently Katie Holmes. Lady has been pulling out banger after banger in the wardrobe department! Ever since that iconic photo of her wearing a cashmere cardigan and matching bra went viral, we've been paying attention to every one of Katie's outfits as she's gone in a noticeably new direction style-wise — interestingly, after parting ways with her stylist Jeanne Yang.

She loves of-the-moment brands like Khaite, Wardrobe NYC and Gabriela Hearst which, thanks to the price tag, are a little out of my range but for autumn I'm inspired to elevate my day wear by Katie's penchant for great coats, staple denim and fashion-forward yet polished styling.” — Rosie Herdman, assistant fashion editor

Fashion & creative director Dan Ahwa looks to the British actor for sartorial inspiration. Photos / Getty Images

"I’m not a particular fan of Renee Zellweger’s but her turn as Judy Garland and some of her recent red carpet appearances in support of the film Judy, have been a reminder of the power of a streamlined, put-together outfit.

Slim pants teamed with a long-line fitted jacket are easy to wear, but in brocade make quite the statement. So too, svelte cocktail sheaths in jewel tones.

This set me digging in my spare wardrobe for a few vintage pieces that may get another outing. Standout fabric, colour and relaxed but constructed tailoring remain my jumping-off points, so that’s what I’ll be looking for in any winter wardrobe investments to supplement what I already have." — Janetta Mackay, beauty editor

Who's your celebrity style muse? Photos / Getty Images

"Tracee Ellis Ross, star of Black-ish. She’s got a thing for pink, favours a bright lip and doesn’t do much to tame her mop of curly hair. Her red carpet looks are always dazzling, thanks in part to a collaboration with celebrity stylist Karla Welch.

Tracee's look is bold, creative and joyful, and while I’ll never have the nerve to incorporate some of her more outlandish outfits into my everyday wardrobe, it’s her attitude that I aspire to emulate.” — Johanna Thornton, deputy editor

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"Tracee is the epitome of great individual style. Whether it’s a minimalistic look of tonal colours or a dramatic bright printed dress with sneakers, she can pull anything off and is not afraid to try something new.” — Annabel Dickson, fashion assistant

Digital editor Saru Krishnasamy admires Jorja Smith's diverse style. Photos / Getty Images

"Male celebrities are taking a few more risks these days which provides plenty of out-of-the-box inspiration for dressing for every occasion. 

I float between bad taste (Jeff Goldblum, Shia LaBeouf) to the eccentric (if only to take just a smidgen of confidence from someone like Harry Styles). The Crown actor Josh O’Connor balances the classic with the avant-garde really nicely. Whether it’s something casual or a relaxed piece of tailoring, I like there’s always an artful bent to what he likes to wear and an element of surprise that makes the look feel original.

It also helps he’s associated with a brand like Loewe, so I’m sure he gets to have his pick of the rack, but he wears it well and never looks like he's uncomfortable." — Dan Ahwa, fashion & creative director

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