Samsung & Saben Have Teamed Up On A Luxe, Limited-Edition Release

This cute mini-bag is designed to match the stylish Galaxy Z Flip3, and they're the perfect accessories for summer

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With its easy-breezy nature and minimal layering, summer style is all about the finishing touches. For a snappy on-trend look, consider upgrading your accessories with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3 and a matching Saben mini-bag. The two popular brands have joined forces for a limited-edition collaboration to celebrate the Galaxy Z Flip3 smart phone, one of the most prominent releases from Samsung in 2021.

A favourite of the style-conscious, Samsung’s considered range of devices can be found in the hands (and bags) of trendsetters around the world — including Aotearoa’s JessB and Lance Savali — and the tech brand’s constantly evolving range reflects the fast-paced nature of fashion and social media now, as well as the myriad demands of daily life. Always designed with fashion in mind, Samsung decided to dial this up even further for the release of its Galaxy Z Flip3, the third generation of this covetable phone. To do so, it turned to leading New Zealand accessory brand Saben.

The collaboration was a natural fit. “There was so much about the new Galaxy phone that aligned with our design ethos,” explains Saben marketing manager Rosie Holt. “It’s not enough just to look great, style needs to meet substance — this new phone has so many intuitive features, just like our bags.” It’s a serendipitous partnership, with a synergy that surprised even those involved. “When we discovered the colour palette of the new devices, we knew it was meant to be,” Rosie says, as the two hero colours of Saben’s latest collection are lilac and alabaster. “We couldn’t believe it when Samsung told us that two of their feature colours were almost identical hues.”

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Saben’s range of handbags and accessories have developed a cult following, and this special release will be sought after by the brand’s fans. The ‘Sarah’ mini-bag is so exclusive that it’s not even possible to buy from it from Saben, the Sarah is only available through Samsung with purchases of the Galaxy Z Flip3.

Inspired by the phone’s petite size — its innovative folding design allows for impressively compact stowability — the Saben designers worked closely with Samsung’s New Zealand office to create a mini-bag to match. “Because [it] is a fashion piece and the perfect pocket-sized accessory, we wanted to create the perfect pocket-sized handbag,” Rosie says. Named ‘Sarah’, after a member of Samsung’s local team, it's engineered to be the perfect size for the Galaxy Z Flip3, with space for other essentials like makeup and keys. Like the phone, this mini-bag is packed with functionality (including a “sneaky zip” and a cardholder) and it’s crafted from supple, oyster-hued leather that’s a perfect colour match to the cream model of the phone.

With the collaboration beginning before the Galaxy Z Flip3 had been released, the process was kept tightly under wraps. “We met with the Saben team and showed them some early phones — even before some of our customers had seen them,” explains Minna Reinikkala, Head of Product Marketing for Samsung New Zealand. “These launches are always very high security, so they came to our office where we showed them the phones and we matched the colours of the phones we had to the leather colours available to them." For the Saben team, Rosie says it felt like they were working on a top-secret spy mission.

A natural choice for the Galaxy Z Flip3 shape, the mini-bag is also a very of-the-moment accessory. Cute and charming, they have been an enduring trend in recent seasons, and they’re well-suited to summer’s light-and-free outfits. Mini-bags also channel nostalgia; a factor shared by the noughties-esque clamshell design of the Galaxy Z Flip3 (a decade that’s all over Instagram, TikTok and runways) this functionality lends itself to very ‘now’ tasks, and has made it a popular choice. “The main feature we’re hearing people love is the unique flex mode which means you can pop the open phone onto any surface and then you can take hands-free selfies or do video chats,” Minna reveals. “You can also take quick photos using the exterior cover screen so you don’t even have to open the phone.”

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The beauty of the latest Galaxy is how it fuses appearance, function and convenience. “Over the last few years everyone’s phones are getting bigger and bigger,” says Minna. “Galaxy Z Flip3 is a perfect compromise with a large screen that still fits into compact bags and even your pocket.” This new model, and this collaboration, aim to make socialising in summer effortless. “The launch of our third generation Z Flip phones was the perfect occasion to highlight the fashionable, folding nature of the phones and how compact they can be when you are heading for a night out and don’t want to have to take a large tote to carry your phone and cards in,” explains Minna, who travels even lighter than that. “Given that you can pay with Google Pay, I don’t need to take my cards with me.”

Essential to modern living, mobile devices and the bags we keep them in help us feel put together — both in our appearance and our lives. “A handbag holds the order and chaos of a woman’s life in one centralised and stylish place,” says Rosie. “The Sarah bag is petite yet highly productive, she has that in common with the new Galaxy Z Flip3.”

So, how to get your hands on this exclusive mini-bag? It’s complimentary with purchases of the Galaxy Z Flip3 for a limited time. A nice little thank you for supporting Samsung (and an enticing reason to invest in the sleek new model) it also makes a fabulous festive gift.

The limited-edition Saben ‘Sarah’ mini-bag is free with purchases of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 on and in selected retailers from November while stocks last.

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