Powerful People: Ella Yelich O'Connor

The singer brings an intelligent approach to dressing

Lorde at the 2014 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards. Picture / Dean Purcell.

This stylish talent now has easy access to the likes of Prada and Balenciaga, but has given local brands such as Lonely Hearts and Eugenie an international boost by wearing their clothes on her many trips overseas. Case in point: a photo posted by Taylor Swift to Instagram where Ella was front and centre wearing a Lonely printed T-shirt saw it quickly sell out.

She appeared at Paris Fashion Week in March, sitting front row at Chloe and Dior. Influential fashion journalist Cathy Horyn later wrote of a conversation with the singer, who observed that “many shows look more styled than designed” — succinctly summing up a current mood towards fashion right now. She brings an intelligence and confident approach to dressing that we’re pleased is influencing a generation of young women.

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