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The Best Places for a Late Night Feast

The Viva team's favourite places to eat after hours

“There’s something disgustingly satisfying about chowing into a plate of the Montreal poutine at the Federal Delicatessen, especially if it’s after 11pm. I’m yet to try the Buffalo Wings, also on the late shift menu, but I’m sure they wouldn’t disappoint either.” — Jessica Beresford, digital content producer

“I’m not afraid to admit that I love McDonald’s. It is a guilty pleasure, and a squishy Filet-O-Fish burger or Cheeseburger tastes particularly good after a few drinks. Failing that, a ham and cheese toasted sandwich from The White Lady is a dreamy way to end the night.” — Dan Ahwa, fashion editor

“I like to pretend I keep going back to Fatima’s because the fish kebabs or falafels are a vaguely healthy takeaway choice, but it’s probably the potato koftas I crave late at night.” — Janetta Mackay, beauty editor

“My obsession with Giapo is so great that I’ve learned all the quick exits from The Civic theatre in order to beat the queues. Nick Cave was a glorious night, the icing on the cake being a siamu popo (Samoan caramel) icecream for the road. And I ate my own body weight in the Raglan Coconut and Napier quince flavour during the recent film festival. Late at night is the only time to go; I could never handle the hordes during daylight hours.” — Rebecca Wadey, wellbeing editor

“One of the best hidden spots in central Auckland is Tanuki’s Cave, a yakitori and kushiage bar. Yes, it is really tricky to get a table, but all good things take time, right? Order cold or warm sake and a bowl of cabbage with Japanese mayo to get you started. This place has a great atmosphere, delicious food and is good for a group or just two people. You won’t regret a trip here.” — Rosie Kelway, writer

“After a show, launch or boozy night out there’s no better place to be than the booths at the Late Night Diner. Open till 2am and conveniently located on Ponsonby Rd, the deep-fried gherkins, burgers, and hard shakes (milkshakes laced with alcohol) will keep your belly happy until the wee hours.” — Anna Lee, editorial assistant

“For a late night feast I can always count on Jack Tarr to have the best choices to feed my appetite — I welcome the pizza and fries, not to mention the waterfront scenery and the inner-city location.” — Lucy Casley, design and digital assistant

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