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For The Stylish Man Who Hates Clothes Shopping

A subscription to menswear brand Asuwere is the ideal solution

Asuwere estimates that New Zealand men spend a collective 90 million hours a year on unsuccessful clothes-shopping expeditions — a figure that the local menswear label is raising awareness about, and one that came from a recent survey of its community. “Most of us don’t enjoy it and many of us don’t do it well,” the brand says, and it’s a problem that its unique business model seeks to solve.

The menswear subscription service is serious about helping busy men look good with little effort. Its starter pack, plus monthly and yearly plans, eliminate the need for painful slogs to the mall. Instead, a classic item or two from the brand’s capsule range arrives straight to your door, keeping your wardrobe looking fresh year-round.

“Women tend to be a little more prepared than most of us men when it comes to buying clothes - or life in general to be honest,” explains Asuwere co-founder Sam Hickey. He adds that while most men want stylish, quality clothing, they often aren’t as au fait as female shoppers when it comes to foreseeing what items they’ll need for the coming season, or planning for events in advance. Rather, men’s tendency to buy clothing on an ad hoc — and often last-minute — basis can often lead to regrettable purchases. And with most collections released well in advance, this can make it tricky to nip down to the shops and pick up a smart pair of shorts in the height of summer, when the shops are already lined with autumn ranges.

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Asuwere, on the other hand, provides items suitable for the current season — timeless, failsafe pieces that Sam says every guy should own. “The majority of our members are busy guys who want to look good but don’t want to be the peacock at the party,” he says of the transeasonal range. “Our pieces are designed to work together with each other and your existing wardrobe. We look at every product we release as a problem to solve. What is it worn for or with? Will it always look good? How can it be better? Do you need it in your wardrobe?”

Having worked for many years in the industry, Sam saw firsthand many of the problems inherent in the fashion business, huge wastage being one, and launched the direct-to-consumer model three years ago to start to redress them. “Unless a product is designed to be worn again and again, it cannot be sustainable,” he says.

Asuwere’s community of members provides invaluable feedback on each design, helping the team continually refine the range. Meanwhile, new members find themselves in esteemed company. Among its high-profile members is professional surfer Ricardo Christie, Ecostore director Pablo Kraus and notable chef Josh Emett. Becoming an Asuwere member also provides access to The Clubroom, a digital community chaired by All Black legend Dan Carter. The Clubroom’s inspiring monthly events promote members’ wellbeing, while keeping them well informed, well dressed and well connected. Past events have hosted the likes of BePure Wellness’ Andrew Laloli, Allbirds’ Jamie McLellan and Public Library Showroom’s Dan Gosling.

Asuwere Newmarket pop-up store. Photo / Supplied.

Asuwere also facilitates the biannual charitable clothing initiative ‘Give to Get’, a great way to pass on clothing items you may no longer need to those who do. Previously donated items have gone to Fix Up Look Sharp, a not-for-profit organisation that helps to dress men for professional situations.

Buy a Summer Gift Pack at Asuwere.co or head to its pop-up store in Newmarket (until December 26th).

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