Whitecliffe College students' designs. Picture / Supplied.

The Restyle Project

French83 has teamed up with Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design on a charitable project

A reversible bomber jacket, wrap-around skirt and tailored dress have all been refashioned from second-hand suits as part of a project by Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design students. The Restyle Project, in collaboration with local suit company French83, uses old suits donated by customers (in return for a $250 voucher) which are then deconstructed and sewn into new garments or shredded and re-spun to create new fabrics.

The assignment, part of the Year 3 course curriculum, is aimed at developing the students’ construction skills as well as raising awareness around recycling fabrics to minimise landfill waste and reduce carbon emissions.

French83 designer Nicole Wesseling says the brand works with the tertiary institute to create awareness about sustainability while giving students industry exposure and creative freedom.

As well as a lesson in being environ-mentally friendly, the outfits are this week being auctioned off to raise money for the Dream Chaser Foundation, which supports children and their families facing childhood cancer. 

• The opening night for The Restyle Project is at French83, 17 Anzac Ave, this Friday June 12, at 6.30pm, and the outfits will be auctioned at trade.me/restyleproject.

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