The new Elle & Riley boutique in Queenstown designed by Katie Lockhart. Photo / David Straight.

Retail News: Cashmere Brand Elle & Riley's New Queenstown Store

The cashmere brand sets up an elegant and contemporary home in Queenstown

Garnering a steady and loyal following for its line of luxurious knitwear for the past three years, cashmere brand Elle & Riley are celebrating the opening of its third retail store in Queenstown, in addition to its Auckland and Christchurch stores.

In time for the winter season, the store is a welcome presence on the retail scene in Queenstown and another showcase for tourists exploring local brands. Created by mother and daughter team Yolande Ellis and Elle Pugh, the brand's retail spaces are a reflection on their love of timeless and luxurious lifestyle pieces from knitwear to homewares and accessories.

"We are excited to capture new international travellers and introduce them to our beautiful product, but also provide another destination to shop for our existing customers who spend much of the winter in Queenstown" explains Elle."Cashmere is a natural fit for Queenstown life and I think increasing the New Zealand brand offering to visitors is really exciting. We know that even during the summer, visitors get caught out by a cold snap and need the product we have on offer. With the introduction of our new Made in New Zealand range, we knew Queenstown would be the perfect place for these pieces to sit."

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Designed by Katie Lockhart from Katie Lockhart Studio, the interior has been created to feel intimate, furnished with custom made loose furniture fittings in a harmonious palette of walnut, orchid white and white terracotta, reminiscent of Italian tiles, working together to evoke the feeling of shopping in someone's living room or studio.

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"Personally I love to shop in environments that feel intimate, to purchase specialty items that are of quality in spaces that inherently reflect that same quality," says Katie.

"Cashmere for me is timeless, effortless and an investment. We wanted the interior of the Queenstown Elle & Riley store to reflect these same qualities in an all-inclusive welcoming manner. We decided to furnish the store with custom made loose furniture fittings rather than to build everything in which gives the feeling of shopping in someone's living room or studio rather than just a retail environment.”

Elle adds "Katie Lockhart has created the most beautiful space for us with a timeless, heritage feel that reflects the value and nature of cashmere perfectly. It feels like home."

• Visit Elle & Riley, 23 Beach St Queenstown

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