First Look: Meadowlark's Blooming New Jewellery Collection, Liberty

Designers Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont look to flora for Meadowlark's latest creations

Picture / Supplied

Cascading bluebells, delicate daisies and rambling wildflowers ... launching tomorrow, Meadowlark’s new jewellery collection, Liberty, captures the intricate beauty of flora, but in precious metal form. Designers Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont are looking to blooms as a sort of “protective amulet” for their latest creations.

“Flowers are a reaction to a hostile world,” says Greg. “They represent love, peace, femininity. They’re a reminder to keep goodness in our hearts and close to the surface for each other.”

These floral delicacies are foiled by tough padlock pieces that also feature in the range, stamped with the brand’s signature logo.

Varying in size, from statement bluebell-framed hoops (pictured, starting at $2299) to delicate stacker rings sprouting a miniature blossom, there are plenty of ways to satisfy a green thumb without getting your hands dirty.


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