Meet The Team: Johanna Thornton, Deputy Editor

Get to know Viva's Johanna Thornton ahead of NZ Fashion Week 2019

Viva's deputy editor Johanna Thornton (far left). Photo / Supplied

What is your role at Viva?
I’m the deputy editor. That means planning the content of the magazine (as far ahead as possible, to save our sanity) and then making it happen. Most days I’m liaising with contributors, writers and photographers, managing and editing copy, mapping out the pages of the magazine, writing features and trying to keep on top of deadlines.

What will you be doing at New Zealand Fashion Week 2019?
Attending as many shows as possible while trying not to forget I work on a weekly magazine that needs to get to the printers on time. The Viva team spends a lot of time on-site during Fashion Week, so I’ll attempt to hold down the fort at the office where I can.

And what are you looking forward to at NZFW this year?
Zambesi’s retrospective show on Friday night. The brand is celebrating 40 years in business and I’m excited to see which looks they select from the archives, and how they’ll be styled for today. I’m also looking forward to Maggie Marilyn’s first NZFW show offsite at Glasshouse in Morningside. I expect to see my dream wardrobe walking down the runway.

What’s your second career option?
It would have to be an architect. I own at least two black skivvies, so I’m already halfway there.

How would you describe your personal style?
Too much black and too much denim, which I compensate for with bright lipstick.

What’s one fashion trend you love?
Uniform dressing.

And what’s one you wish would go away?
I wouldn’t mind if bike shorts rode off into the sunset. Maybe they can wear a see-through handbag and tiny sunglasses for the journey.

What song is currently number one in your rotation?
Talk to Me You’ll Understand by Ross from Friends.

Where’s your go-to spot for dinner and drinks with friends?
Azabu for Japanese snacks and cold sake; Amano for pasta, currently cacio e pepe with an Italian wine; Epolitos for pizza and a Sawmill crafty; The Fed for late night buffalo wings, poutine and pickle martinis.

What are some of your handbag essentials for NZFW and life?
Headphones, notebook, pens, pens that no longer work, about seven MAC lipsticks, mints, HOP card.

What are your favourite New Zealand stores or brands?
Juliette Hogan, Ingrid Starnes, Kowtow, Jetsetbohemian, Adorno, Unity Books, WORLD Beauty, Fabric, Simon James Concept Store. I could go on.

What do you like to read outside of Viva?
The Spinoff’s daily email The Bulletin is a great round-up of international and national news, plus it has a best-of-The-Spinoff section. The New York Times, usually after browsing its ‘Daily Briefing’ emails with the top 10 stories of the day.

Books — I just finished Three Women by Lisa Taddeo, which was an incredible read, and raced through my girl-crush Dolly Alderton’s book Everything I know About Love.

Who are your favourite people to follow on Instagram?
My friends, since many of them live overseas. I live for their updates! My work colleagues are also great sources of inspiration on Instagram, and memes.

Who is your celebrity spirit animal?
I have a feeling it’s Celeste Barber, although she’s way more willing to strip down for a laugh than I am. Or Maya Rudolph — I love her.

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