Fed Deli is a favourite for World's Benny Castles. Photo / David Rowland

NZ Fashion Week Designers Share Their Top Breakfast Spots

These chic spots are sure to get your day off to a good start

Federal Delicatessen
“The perfect mix of grease and greens. The Fed has that comfortable playfulness that most interiors try too hard to achieve and get wrong. The service is always thoughtfully pro-active and graciously fun, the menu is at once nostalgic and foreign with a moreish quality, and the coffee is bottomless — like in the movies!”
— Benny Castles, World

Daily Bread in Point Chevalier
“For a sourdough cheese bun. Deliciously crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and without the usual bloat that occurs from a glutenous indulgence thanks to the fermentation.”
— Rachel Mills

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Orphans Kitchen
“Because no one can possibly beat homemade crumpets with homemade honey.”
— Sarah Harris Gould, Harris Tapper

Smashed peas at Honey Bones. Photo / Fiona Goodall

Honey Bones
“Delicious and the service is easy breezy.”
— Marina Davis, Ovna Ovich

Ampersand, Orakei
Sitting on the Terrace looking out over Hobson Bay to the waterfront. I love their breakfast options — especially Smashed Avocado with Kimchi.
— Trelise Cooper

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“For the beautiful food, the calm space and the wonderful, happy people.”
— Kathryn Wilson

The French Markets in Parnell
“You get so many different options all in the one spot so it keeps me and my girlfriend super happy. Can get a bit claustrophobic on some weekends though, kinda like being at a music festival without being drunk.”
— Marc Moore, Stolen Girlfriend’s Club

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