Meet Model Polena Yi & Her Pet Rabbit Lucky

Model Polena Yi waited nine years for her rabbit, Lucky, who has the run of her garden

Polena with rabbit Lucky. Photo / Rebecca Zephyr Thomas

“I don’t think there was any specific reason that I wanted a rabbit, but now after owning one I realise how many character traits I share with rabbits. I’m super-sensitive, so I think it was a subconscious connection, and then later on I realised ‘oh I share some traits with rabbits’. They’re soft and sensitive, but they can also thump!

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“Her name is Lucky and my parents have this tradition where they have to associate names with wealth or luck. This could be an Asian or a cultural thing [Polena’s parents are originally from Cambodia], so they decided to name her Lucky Lucky. So far she seems to be quite lucky, she’s the only one left out of her litter. Then you have the whole thing of ‘lucky rabbit’s foot’.

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“I love reading about therapy dogs and animals that help people who need emotional support and don’t necessarily get it that often. You build a relationship with animals just by owning a pet, then reading about animals can actually help. That’s even better.

“I think owning an animal has made me more cautious about things I eat and the products that I use, so I am slowly doing more research into my lifestyle.”

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