Richard Nieper of Fabric Merchants. Picture / Babiche Martens.

Powerful People: Richard Nieper

This fabric wholesaler supplies designers with luxury fabrics

Richard Nieper’s influence in shaping what people are wearing comes through with his considered edit as one of the country’s top fabric wholesalers. As a self-confessed fabric geek, Nieper’s constant search for innovative luxury fabrics each season as director of Fabric Merchants (now in its fourth year of business) is part of the reason why top designers and, more recently, film and TV industries are choosing to work with him.

Earlier this year he also opened outlet shop Drapers Fabrics in Newmarket, offering previous seasons’ designs to the public. Nieper’s extensive background in fabric wholesaling and passion for the local industry is an important part of his success. “I would like to see more government assistance promoting our fashion brands overseas and to see New Zealand designers showcasing at international fashion weeks. Our fashion industry has really good employers and supporters of local companies and with increased business our Government could easily see a return on that investment.”

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