Should Men Wear Shoes Without Socks?

Our style panel weighs in on whether wearing shoes without socks is acceptable this summer

Shoes without socks. Picture / @wearepreventi

The Question: What are your thoughts on shoes without socks: yes or no?

Josh Thomson, comedian
Socks are annoying. Gym socks, formal socks, short socks, long socks, thin socks, fluffy socks. I've got more socks then pants. You can't even see them. I say bin the lot of them. If it's warm enough get rid of your shoes too.

Nat Cheshire, Cheshire Architects
This is something that’s always seemed better suited to those more insouciant than I. And perhaps with inhuman podiatry hygiene. I guess there’s just too much of the incompetent street skater left in me: exposed ankles just mean more blood, or a day in which there’s no risk of blood. Both of which sound awful. But don’t let me stop you.

Steve Bielby, principal trustee of Auckland Notable Properties, currently in charge of restoration of St James Theatre
Generally I like people, generally I like them more if they're wearing socks. Socks are the underwear of the feet and should always be worn. There are of course exceptions to this one rule and one of the few is if you are wearing boat shoes and actually on a boat, in this situation sock-less is acceptable. When travelling always take extra socks — the old ‘one pair a day' trick won't cut it. The art to not looking like a tennis player from the 90s is the right socks with the right shoes. Dress shoes — make a statement with the socks if you're so inclined, but never white. Gym shoes — well it’s the gym so whatever is clean. Canvas shoes — forget the share market and invest in sockettes, they will change your life.

Richard Dale, art writer and graphic artist
While not exactly the burning question of the day, the sockless shoe question reminds me of a Jenny Holzer aphorism: "Love makes you look at pretty ankles and then break them". Still, the frisson that a naked ankle evinces is a secondary benefit to the more primary consideration of what to do with trousers hemmed too short - which the sockless shoe resolves. But don't have naked feet. There's a good reason to use invisible ankle socks: they will save your shoes and any malodorous embarrassment.

Bryn Hall, Blues rugby player
I’m on the fence when it comes the ‘socks or no socks’ dilemma. Personally I don’t like the look of but of course I like to wear them, so I have a little secret that I use to pull of the no socks look instead: sockettes. I’ve only recently discovered them and I was sceptical at first, but they do the trick.

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