Label to Know: Sophia Hattingh

Fashion student and Viva intern Danielle Clausen showcases the work of young designers to watch

Danielle wears a silk camisole by Sophia Hattingh. Picture / Andrei Blidarean

Sophia Hattingh brings together precision and the beauty of the bias cut to create silk slips that feel incredibly special. Custom dyed silk and the inclusion of laser cut leather in some pieces further drive this feeling home.

With a focus on not being restricted by conventional beauty norms and fashion standards, Sophia’s process is about more than just creating beautiful things. The brand’s campaign imagery is a testament to this.

After completing her fashion design studies at AUT, Sophia undertook a postgraduate year where she crafted glasses out of resin and human hair — something that certainly got people talking.

I decided to dip my toe in and pair one of her silk camisoles with jeans. The silhouette of the slips is informed directly by the wearer’s body. She notes that her slips don’t attempt to hide, change or do anything particularly to the body, other than showing it for what it is.

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