Maryna Linchuk at the HM x Balmain launch party. Picture / Neil Rasmus.

How to Stand Out at a Party

We asked four people who know how to command a room for their tips on being the centre of attention

“A strong brow always does the trick. And never be afraid to bring the glamour.”
— Jessica Grubisa, co-designer for Harman Grubisa

“Have your shoe heels stacked by an inch, it makes you taller, feel towering and helps you pivot from one conversation to another.”
— Ricardo Simich, editor of Spy

“Have people leave a conversation, or interaction with you, feeling better about themselves. If that’s in the form of a compliment, encouragement or advice, I think you generally stand out in a crowd with that sort of uplifting presence. A striking look or style is a short lived moment of attention, but if someone leaves an interaction with you feeling genuinely better than they did before, you can guarantee they’ll remember you longer than that hairstyle or dress.”
— Lily Vallance, graphic designer and illustrator

“Try a new shape or silhouette. Use Instagram or Pinterest to get an idea of what party looks are standing out to you. Have a practice run and make sure it fits right. You might need to have it altered or use a spot of double sided tape to make sure you won’t need to be adjusting it all night.”
— Aimee Durbin, costume designer

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