Stella McCartney's Best Quotes

As Stella McCartney turns 45, we look at some of her most memorable quotes

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"I was brought up to understand that we are all here on planet earth together. The idea of taking responsibility for what we take out of the's not something we sat down and had lessons in; as a way of thinking it came quite naturally." - The Guardian

"I'm also a real believer that just doing a little something is really a lot better than doing a lot of nothing." - Interview

"Obviously I believe that using crocodile or leather to make a handbag is cruel. But it’s also not modern, you’re not pushing innovation." - The New York Times

"I’m a woman designing for women, and there are so many layers to that. On the one hand, it brings an effortlessness but it also means that I think and overthink every detail, whether it’s physical or mental or even – in some sense – spiritual. I can debate for weeks whether a trouser should sit on the waist, or a centimetre below, or on the hip, whether it should have a zip or a button, because I find personally that a detail like that can have a massive impact on how I carry myself that day. If I wear a slouchy jean, that will affect my posture and my whole manner. What I’m projecting will be a reflection of that waistband, a detail you might not even notice." - The Fashion

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"It’s incredibly important that if you have the dream of having your own house, you don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Ultimately, it’s unsustainable and people will see through. You have to work; you can’t expect your dreams to be handed to you on a plate." - WWD

"I'm a big believer in something is better than nothing. The smallest thing can have an impact. We are all living on this land with limited resources, and we all have to be conscious about how we consume and how we manufacture and how we source - and the fashion industry is no different than anyone else. Every industry has to be mindful of how they go forward in their business and sadly luxury fashion is incredible harmful - and fashion in general. And it needs to just a get a bit more modern and man up a bit." - The Business of Fashion

"I look at Bailey, my nine-year-old, and she’s already old beyond her years. She’s very aware of advertising. We all are. I feel responsible... I never want to promote an ad that makes women feel bad about themselves, because when I was young, I never felt rich enough or fashionable enough or good enough. I felt talked down to by luxury fashion labels. There was a disconnect. They made me feel we weren’t right for each other." - The Telegraph

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