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The Brands Championing The Stylish Promise Of Wool's Function & Form

The synergy between interiors and fashion is stronger than ever, and when it comes to our local wool industry, two brands are championing the stylish promise of its function and form

Heritage meets modernity when we take rising fashion label Wynn Hamlyn - known for its premium, made in New Zealand knitwear - to the factory floor of one of New Zealand’s most iconic companies and a leader in its field, Cavalier Bremworth in South Auckland. With a 50-year heritage in wool flooring, the brand is synonymous with quality, style and function, the legacy of its founders Tony Timpson and Grant Biel continuing to inspire a new generation of styleleaders across the world of interiors, fashion and beyond. Made in New Zealand, Cavalier Bremworth has revolutionised the flooring industry with its innovation and cutting edge offering.

Line of Work
In its hangar-size distribution centre in Wiri, the attention to detail to each piece of carpet is clear, something Cavalier Bremworth is proud of. The new Pebble wool carpet range comes in six neutral colours, and is a soft and sophisticated option that cleverly brings the beauty of the natural world indoors. Also available in custom-sized rugs that are made to order. Wynn Hamlyn dress $650. Levante hosiery,$25, from Smith & Caughey’s. Mi Piaci heels $260.

Photo / Mara Sommer

Soft Landing
Wynn Hamlyn knit polo $270 and jeans $405. Walmsley & Cole silk scarf $250. Levante hosiery, $25, from Smith & Caughey’s. Mi Piaci heels $260. Belt stylist’s own.

Photo / Mara Sommer

Precision Cut
This stand-out 100 per cent wool bomber from Wynn Hamlyn is a key piece from the label’s current resort collection, a brilliant sky blue hue that showcases the power and beauty of wool. Wynn Hamlyn jacket $610 and jeans $405. Patronilla shirt $299. Black pearl studs, $70, from Christie’s.

Photo / Mara Sommer

Grey Area
The Cavalier Bremworth Pebble carpet seen here in the colour Hollyford — smooth, distinct and perfectly formed drawing on the natural beauty of Aotearoa’s riverbeds and shorelines for inspiration. Wynn Hamlyn blazer $865 and skirt (POA). Patronilla shirt $299. Levante hosiery, $25, from Smith & Caughey’s. Mi Piaci heels $260. Vintage earrings, $20, from Dove Hospice.

Photo / Mara Sommer

Height of elegance
Wynn Hamlyn wrap skirt (POA). Patronilla shirt $299. Levante hosiery, $25, from Smith & Caughey’s. Mi Piaci heels $240. Walmsley & Cole silk neckerchief $85. Vintage belt stylist’s own.

Model / Clementine George from 62 Models. Photographer's assistant / Josh Szetow. Hair and makeup / Leisa Welch.

• Cavalier Bremworth offers a free sample service nationwide, order today to trial Pebble in your home. 


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