The Paris Cheer team features in the first #VeryVersace campaign. Photo / Supplied.

A Joyful Paris Cheer Squad Stars In Versace's Latest Campaign

The celebrated cheer team set a positive tone in the first round of the #VeryVersace challenge

Finding fresh ways to connect with customers from a distance, several fashion brands are utilising its reach via social media.

For Versace’s latest campaign #VeryVersace, the Italian luxury brand highlights the power of community over lockdown. 

The initiative features people from around the globe creating V-shaped formations through groups, objects, landscapes and scenes from their everyday lives.

Starring in its first campaign is the Paris Cheer squad dressed in a uniform of Versace’s iconic Barocco-print, and swapping pom-poms for the aptly named Versace Virtus handbags - named after the Roman deity Virtus, symbolising strength, courage and virtue.


WATCH: Paris Cheer squad's #VeryVersace challenge

Creating V formations, the new campaign gives a positive perspective in a time where the global fashion industry is undergoing several changes. 

Created over lockdown, the #VeryVersace challenge aims to engage, excite and entertain the Versace community over social media, and some of the submissions include V formations from everyday life around the world including patches of grass, mountain vistas, streets lined with palm trees, bridges, shadows and more. 

Photo / Supplied.

How to participate? simply share anything on social media using the hashtag #VeryVersace that symbolises a V-shaped object.

You can also shop the collection online.

Now give us a V!


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