Victoria Beckham's Most Fashionable Quotes

Happy birthday, Victoria Beckham! As the fashion designer turns 42, we look at some of her best quotes

Victoria Beckham in LA. Picture / @victoriabeckham

1. "I want to empower women. I want women to feel like the best version of themselves, I want them to feel confident, and I feel very blessed that I have a job that I love, to work in an industry with such great people. Like I said, this is a journey for me and I am continuing to learn." – British Vogue 

2. "I would do anything for my children and I think every woman has the right to health and every woman has the right to give their children a healthy future. It’s why I realise I have to step forward and do whatever I can do. I want to get to know the women and understand them. It was life changing when I want to South Africa." – on her appointment as a UN Goodwill Ambassador in The Daily Mail

3. "We were real, we weren't choreographed. Individually we weren't that great, but collectively, we worked together and all the girls were relatable." – Victoria on The Spice Girls in Harpers Bazaar

4.  "I used to wear clothes which would make me stand out and now I don’t so much because I don’t feel I have anything to prove." – The Guardian 

5. "When I’m starting work on the collection, I just sit with my team and talk to them about what I like, what I find inspiring, what I’m desiring, what I want to wear, what I haven’t done before. I can draw, but badly. I think that’s okay. No one’s expecting me to do it the normal way. And that’s a good thing." –The New York Times

6. "When people ask if I have any advice for young designers, the best advice I could ever give to somebody is to work for someone else, when you are playing with someone else's money. It is very expensive when you start doing it on your own. I learnt so much from the professionals that I was surrounding myself with, and I continue to learn a lot, I have never pretended to know everything." – British Vogue

7. "Nothing ever came naturally to me, I was never the cleverest, never best at anything. But we always tell our children that if you work hard and believe in yourself, you can do what you want." – The Daily Mail

8. "People say [fashion] is a horrible, cut-throat industry, [but] I have had a very nice experience and I think, why is that? It’s not about me as a celebrity. The product is good. The quality is good. The sell-through is good." – The Telegraph

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