Viva Life Hacks: How To Properly Wash A Silk Dress

Got a silk dress from last night that needs some attention? We’ve got you sorted

Viva Party Shoot 2015. Photo / Guy Coombes

Taxi!  You’ve just finished dancing on a tabletop in your favorite silk dress. Oh no! A little spillage has occurred. What a night. The memories will last forever, but the stains might last longer if you don’t treat them ASAP. The key to tending to silk related stains is to act fast, be delicate and use gentle soaps. As we always like to advocate, look after your clothes. Make them last, and when it comes to silk, try a little tenderness.   

Step 1: Some sources say you should spot clean a stain on silk. My recommendation is to wash the entire garment. It's safer and you won't run the risk of lightening in just that spot. Dark or unsightly stains should be taken to a dry cleaner immediately. To help prevent discoloration when washing silk, don’t use a cleaning solution on any one area of an item.

Pay extra attention to embellishments and any other trims on your silk garment. 

Step 2: Always read the care instructions label on the garment (if there is one). Most garments will recommend you dry-clean only, however you can learn to master the art of hand-washing delicate fabrics.

Step 3: Let it soak in cool water in a clean basin — but not longer than 20-30 minutes. Add two capfuls of a delicate detergent, preferably eco-friendly and gentle on silk. Agitate the garment in the water gently with your hands to make suds.

Paris Georgia silk dress $515. Photo / Supplied

Step 4: Alternatively, if you have the option of a machine wash-friendly silk, use a mesh bag which you can purchase from a local homewares store and put it on the gentle/delicate/hand wash cycle of your washing machine.

Step 5: After washing, lay a white towel over a hard surface and lay the dress out to air dry on a hard surface, smoothing out any wrinkles. Never put silk in a dryer. If the fabric care label says the garment can be ironed, use a low setting and iron while garments are still slightly damp. If you need to hang, consider investing in silk hangers or cushioned hangers. this will help the garment keep its shape and form so you can enjoy it forever. 



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