The Viva Team's Top Picks For NZ Fashion Week 2018

Here's what we're anticipating most this week

Meadowlark's 'Of The Sea' collection. Photo / Supplied

“I like a show with impact, and the innovative and androgynous creations from young designer Ryan Turner is one to watch.”
— Sarah Downs, writer

“Every season designer Wynn Crawshaw [for Wynn Hamlyn] is constantly developing and evolving as a designer. Having come back from selling his new collection which has already been well-received, I feel like he’s paid his dues.”
— Dan Ahwa, fashion editor

“There’s always a lot of expectation around the week’s first show and as this year’s Mercedes-Benz Presents designer that challenge falls on Turet Knuefermann.”
— Janetta Mackay, beauty editor

“The Dunedin-iD show this Saturday at Fashion Weekend is a rare chance to see the innovative work of fashion students and designers from around the globe and to get a better understanding of why this long-running South Island event had continued to be such a success.”
— Amanda Linnell, editor

“I’m looking forward to the New Gen show featuring Havilah, Olli, LVLD clothing and Starving Artists Fund. It’s always exciting seeing what the next generation of upcoming designers are bringing to the table.”
— Rosie Herdman, fashion assistant and writer

“I’m interested to see how Meadowlark interprets a presentation. I love their artful jewellery and I’m sure they’ve come up with a unique styling concept for Fashion Week.”
— Jo Thornton, deputy editor

“NZFW veterans Huffer are partnering with the Mental Health Foundation for their highly-anticipated show at the Powerstation. Iconic streetwear AND supporting an extremely important cause? Sign me up.”
— Saru Krishnasamy, digital editor

“Adrian Hailwood’s show at last year’s Fashion Week was a definite highlight for me — with plenty of touch-me textures, asymmetrical silhouettes, and swathes of gilt fabrications. I’m hoping this year’s show follows suit — with an even more frou frou approach to the runway.”
— Ashleigh Cometti, commercial editor and beauty writer

“I love Georgia Alice because she designs sleek, sexy clothes that high fashion edge to them. I also appreciate her sense of humour, sweetness and down to earth personality — this can be rare in the fashion world!”
— Rebecca Zephyr Thomas, photographer

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