Beauty editor Ashleigh Cometti would invest in Homage's Camaleonda Modular Sofa. Photo / Supplied

The Viva Team’s Dream Investment Pieces

If we had endless cash, these are the items we’d treasure forever

LOUNGE FOR LIFE: Homage's Camaleonda Modular Sofa
“I fell in love with this Camaleonda Modular Sofa, $9000, from Homage after spotting it on Jess Molina’s Instagram page. Comfy and cloud-like, I can just picture myself parking up here for a spot of reading or an afternoon snooze. It also plays into my tendency to rearrange rooms on a whim, with a series of cables, hooks and rings that can be unhooked and recombined to completely change the sofa’s configuration. Sadly, a cream-coloured couch isn’t practical with a young family, so for now, a girl can only dream!” — Ashleigh Cometti, beauty editor

TIMELESS TARTAN: Johnstons of Elgin scarf
“Thoroughly practical for blustery weather or a crisp, cool day, this Scottish-made cashmere Johnstons of Elgin scarf, $465, is something to keep forever, and the Black Watch tartan is timeless.” — Emma Gleason, commercial manager

SIMPLY GLOWING: Snelling Studio’s Compact 08 Pendant
“I’ve had my eye on Snelling Studio’s (previously Douglas and Bec) beautiful range of pendant lights for ages. Many of them are crafted in brass, with elegant glass bulbs in colours like blush and camel. I’d go for the Compact 08 Pendant in classic white, $6590, designed in homage to the sculptor Alexander Calder. The fact that my apartment isn’t big enough to accommodate it is a minor detail.” — Johanna Thornton, deputy editor

ART CLASS: Judy Millar’s Iris
“If I had all the cash, I’d put it into art. It’s a win-win: a beautiful abstract by a talented New Zealand painter would sit on the wall to be admired for years then (if I could bear to part with it), sold to pay for that luxury Southeast Asian cruise/the next piece/a knee replacement… Judy Millar’s Iris would do nicely.” — Rebecca Barry Hill, writer

DREAM DROPS: Jessica McCormack's gold Gypset earrings
“I have adored Jessica McCormack’s collections for years. These everyday-wear diamond and blackened gold Gypset earrings, $6700, are the dream. Available from 0.2ct to 1.5ct, the brilliant cut diamond is adorned by 18ct gold hoops, understated in style but ever so luxurious.” — Annabel Dickson, fashion assistant

SCOOT OVER: Piaggio Fly 150 scooter
“A recent investment item of mine is this sporty Piaggio Fly 150 scooter. It’s a fun and cost-effective way to zip around town for work or to run errands more efficiently.” — Dan Ahwa, fashion and creative director

CHAIR TO CHERISH: Karimoku Case Study N-LC02 lounge chair
“There are few things I do more than reading, and this is the armchair I’m saving for: a Karimoku Case Study N-LC02 lounge chair, from $3420, from Good Form. It’s designed by Danish studio Norm Architects, in collaboration with Japanese designer Keiji Ashizawa, with a free-hanging seat in canvas and leather options to relax into. It’s wide-armed, too, so there’s plenty of room to curl up in it with a nice blanket.” — Julia Gessler, digital/production journalist

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