What Sex Appeal Means to Bianca Paulus

Model and performer Bianca Paulus on what sexy means to her

Musician Bianca Paulus. Picture / Babiche Martens.

Bianca Paulus, who featured on the cover of our Autumn fashion magazine, is also a dynamic performer, lending her sultry vocals to the recently released underground track Get By with Rwandan rapper, Raiza Biza. She’s also the lead vocalist of ensemble musical group Weird Together, created by Dick Johnson and Nick Dwyer. Bianca’s eclectic musical tastes reflect her multicultural heritage and celebration of the body through her performances and her style.

“A lot about my style is influenced by my culture — being African and Indian in New Zealand has inspired me to seek out who I am and step out of my comfort zone because I was never going to fit into the status quo. It’s been a journey of self discovery, and I feel like I’ve come a long way from dressing in what’s “in” right now to gaining the confidence to dress however I feel.”

Sexy to me is... a personal experience, it’s an attitude. I embody sexy when I am feeling inspired and in charge. It comes from a deeper place than what you wear and how you look. Sexy comes from feeling safe and confident in your own skin.

Style to me is... not limiting myself to one aesthetic. Being “sexy” is never something that comes to mind when I’m looking through my wardrobe. There’s a time and a place for everything and I feel lucky to have the freedom to experiment and play with my style and looks. The fact that some people consider that “sexy” is crazy to me, but I’m flattered. I’m still finding myself as an artist and I am working on a lot of different projects. When I’m performing at a festival I like to draw inspiration from my roots. When I am performing at a hip-hop gig, that’s when I let out my inner 90s wild child. What I “like” constantly changes. But that’s what makes it fun and keeps things interesting.

I feel most confident when... I feel like I have the tools and resources for going into situations I wouldn’t always be confident in, with spirituality on my side.

I admire Diana Ross’ style. She is the epitome of glamour. She was a queen and rocked it. Imagine her wardrobe.

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