The Best Bacon in Auckland

Who serves the best bacon in Auckland? The Viva team weigh in

Picture / Babiche Martens.

"Classic bacon and scrambled eggs at Queenies is my go-to, and the quaint Freeman’s Bay café always delivers. They use Mahy Farm streaky free range bacon, and it’s full of flavour, crispy and not too fatty." — Zoe Walker, associate editor

"One of the best bacon dishes I’ve eaten was “bacon and eggs” during a degustation dinner at Meredith’s. Nothing like your typical pig ‘n’ chook – this featured the bacon as crispy bits atop slow-poached eggs. A smoky broth was poured in at the last minute, into which we were invited to crack the yolks, swirl, and swoon over the silkiness. It might not be on the menu anymore but there is a pickled ox tongue, with chestnuts, mushroom and bacon that is no doubt just as good." — Rebecca Barry Hill, writer

"Personally I prefer to buy my bacon from Better Butchers on Mt Eden Rd, where they smoke their own bacon. It is absolutely perfect served with homemade Bearnaise. This bacon is the best in town! Spinach from the garden and a poached egg - yum. Who needs to go out!" — Angela Casley, recipes editor

"I like crispy bacon as much as everyone else does, but I enjoy the juicy organic Harmony bacon from Atomic cafe with poached eggs. I know where it’s come from and that it’s been sustainably farmed. It makes a difference with the flavour and texture attributed to good quality bacon." — Dan Ahwa, fashion editor

"I won't touch bacon unless it's nearly burnt to a crisp, but the good people at L'oeuf in Mt Albert don't disappoint. As a result, I can't order anything without a side of their good stuff." — Jessica Beresford, digital content producer

"The bacon included with the sausage, hash and poached eggs at St Heliers Bay Cafe is just how I like it — crispy on the edges and soft in the middle." — Danielle Clausen, editorial assistant

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