Banana Cake With Caramel Walnuts. Photo / Babiche Martens

Get Baking With These Banana Cake & Bread Recipes

Put those brown bananas to good use with these sweet recipes, from classic cakes to wholesome loaves

Banana Cake With Caramel Walnuts
A childhood favourite gets a decadent update in this banana cake recipe. Tip: Use the bananas which have been sitting in the fruit bowl for a few days as they will have more flavour — the browner the better.

Banana & Peanut Butter Cake
This simple banana and peanut butter bundt cake is incredibly moist and perfectly sweet. It is naturally sweetened with banana, then topped with a delicious sticky honey glaze, making it free of refined sugar, gluten and dairy.

Chocolate, Date & Banana Cake. Photo / Babiche Martens

Chocolate, Date & Banana Cake
Dripping in chocolate ganache, this cake is simple and delicious. Enjoy it as dessert, or a good excuse to have a second morning coffee. Be sure to serve with a dollop of cream, yoghurt or even icecream if you feel so inclined.

Banana Cake With Macadamia & Blackberry
If you have something to celebrate, make it an occasion to remember with this magnificent banana cake with macadamia, blackberry, cream cheese frosting and lemon curd. It is so brilliantly delicious, moist, sweet and packed full of wholesome goodness.

Hummingbird Cake. Photo / Babiche Martens

Hummingbird Cake
There is nothing like a good hummingbird cake, brimming with fruit and warming spices. This recipe is impressive enough for a special occasion yet simple enough for afternoon tea. The cream cheese icing is hard to resist, especially topped with almonds and coconut.

Moist Banana, Ginger & Feijoa Cake
It'd be a crime not to pair banana and feijoa together when they are in season. Slightly nutty from the almond meal, you’ll also find this cake rather zesty and suggestive of soft, warming spices. Thick, creamy natural yoghurt or vanilla icecream makes a lovely accompaniment.

Easy Vegan Banana Bread. Photo / Babiche Martens

Easy Vegan Banana Bread
The more ripe the bananas the better for this loaf. Eat fresh from the oven while it is still warm, or if you leave it a day or two try toasting it. Choose your favourite topping; a good dollop of coconut yoghurt and fresh banana is just perfect.

Almond Crumble Banana Bread
This loaf is wonderfully wholesome, moist, and just barely sweetened with dark and sticky molasses. Honey or maple will work well, although it will yield a milder flavour. Enjoy it warm from the oven, thickly sliced and smothered with salted butter.

Flourless Banana & Rhubarb Loaf. Photo / Babiche Martens

Flourless Banana & Rhubarb Loaf
Enjoy this rhubarb banana loaf fresh from the oven or, if there is any left the day after, try it toasted. It’s just as good with a sweet or savoury topping. Try it with ricotta and tomato or almond butter with a little fruit jam.

Coconut Banana Bread With Mango & Lychees
For a tropical take on classic banana bread, pair the traditional loaf with a topping of mango, lychee, thick yoghurt and a scattering of fresh mint. Dust with plenty of icing sugar and enjoy for a sweet breakfast, brunch or even a simple dessert.

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