Apricot & Spice Cake. Photo / Babiche Martens

Our Most Amazing Apricot Recipes To Try

Fresh, dried or tinned, these recipes are the perfect way to enjoy sweet apricots

Apricot & Spice Cake
This apricot spice cake is delicious served with a blob of yoghurt and hot cup of tea for afternoon guests. Best eaten within a couple of days in this humid weather or keep it in the fridge for a few days. Give it 30 seconds in the microwave to bring it back to life if needed, along with some caramel sauce.

Apricot Marinated Chicken Legs
These chicken legs are always a hit and are a great way to use a tin of apricots with just a couple of other cupboard staples. Sweet and tender, the juicy chicken falls from the bone. While the legs cook, get some brown rice and a green vegetable on the go as sides.

Apricot Sundae With Homemade Custard & Praline. Photo / Babiche Martens

Apricot Sundae With Homemade Custard & Praline
Go to town creating this summery sundae with all sorts of decadent goodies. Sticky, toffee-like cooked apricots create the perfect base, while lush custard and crunchy praline add a delicious layer of texture. Pair with cream, icecream or extra fruit if you want to treat yourself.

Valencia Orange, Apricot & Almond Cake
Light, with a soft, sweet crumb, this almond flour cake is a brilliantly basic recipe, which can be topped with all kinds of seasonal fruit. On this occasion small, plump apricots are the star, enhanced by the zest of Valencia orange — it’s a lovely combination that you’ll love.

Rolled Chicken with Apricot & Pistachio Stuffing. Photo / Babiche Martens

Rolled Chicken with Apricot & Pistachio Stuffing
This recipe may sound complicated, but it really is very simple. Think of it as a fancy new take on your classic Sunday roast, with herby pistachio, dried apricot and onion stuffing. Serve with seasonal veges and a fresh green salad.

Honey-Roasted Apricots With Vanilla Bean Cream
These sweet, honey-roasted apricots are like gentle seductiveness, particularly when spooned through billowy whipped, vanilla bean cream. There's a light grating of lemon zest and a dusting of cinnamon, the kind of dessert that wins you over with its softness and deep scent of summertime.

Apricot Fool. Photo / Babiche Martens

Apricot Fool
You'd be a fool not to try this easy dessert. All you need is a handful of everyday ingredients and you're on your way to creating a sweet, fruity treat with soft clouds of whipped cream and crunchy amaretto biscuits. Serve with a sprinkle of mint and enjoy.

Apricot & Ginger Pudding
This pudding is moist and delicious, hot or cold, and you can change the fruit depending on the season. It's wonderfully comforting with a dusting of icing sugar and plenty of whipped cream.

Apricot & Blue Cheese Filos. Photo / Babiche Martens

Apricot & Blue Cheese Filos
These sweet savouries are a taste sensation in one bite. Filo pastry, blue cheese and apricot jam prove to be a winning combination of sweet, tart and earthy. Serve warm for ultimate enjoyment.

Apricot, Coconut & Lemon Snack Bars
These snack bars are naturally sweetened, making them great for sustained energy throughout the day. This recipe uses almond meal, but ground seeds would also work well. You could also roll the mixture into bite-sized balls, making them a little more enjoyable for the kids.

Apricot Sorbet. Photo / Babiche Martens

Apricot Sorbet
Four ingredients are all it takes to create this refreshing sorbet, which sees juicy apricots transformed into a cooling summer treat. Serve in glasses as dessert or a little in a shot glass between courses as a palate cleanser.

Brioche Pudding With Apricot
Equal parts traditional and special, this recipe sees classic bread and butter pudding taken to delicious new heights. Buttery brioche is soaked in cinnamon-spiked custard and finished with a sprinkling of dried apricots for sweetness. Icing sugar and whipped cream are a must.

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