Hello Beasty's Harajuku Slip features lemongrass syrup, cranberry, lemon juice and Japanese blue tea. Photo / Babiche Martens

The Best Mocktails To Try This Dry July

Non-alcoholic tipples are raising the bar across Auckland

Harajuku Slip at Hello Beasty
“Like a Traffic Light for adults, Hello Beasty’s Harajuku Slip is a combination of lemongrass syrup, cranberry and lemon juice and a layer of Japanese blue tea. The tea creates an ombre effect when poured on top, with a bit of soda for fizz, a Hello Beasty-branded ice cube and a fresh viola to top off the look.” — Johanna Thornton, deputy editor

The Greener Placebo at Depot
“I think it might be a hangover from summer, but the taste of mint and cucumber is a refreshing palate-cleanser that never gets old — especially with fish sliders, oysters and salty fries. Depot’s The Greener Placebo is made with Seedlip Garden 180, and you can really taste the botanicals of this non-alcoholic gin, making it a really easy and tasty drink.” — Dan Ahwa, creative and fashion director

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Citrus & Spice at Euro
“Don’t let its sweet appearance deceive you, this non-alcoholic cocktail is delightfully tart. It melds Seedlip Spice 94 with flavours of lemon, cardamom and blueberry, and is an uplifting match for Euro’s Gallic winter menu.” — Emma Gleason, commercial editor

‘Gin’ n Tonic at Stafford Road Wine Bar
“This wine bar clearly knows its way around a cellar but they also do a mean faux gin ’n’ tonic. Their beautifully presented concoction comes with non-alcoholic gin alternative, Ecology & Co. The Asian Spice ‘G&T’ comes with juniper berries, dehydrated orange, edible flowers and Fever Tree Italian blood orange soda and tastes as good as it looks.” — Rebecca Barry Hill, writer

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Citrus & Spice at Burger Burger
“I’m a sucker for citrus, so this Mocktail Month I plan on getting my non-alcoholic fix with the Citrus & Spice from Burger Burger. It’s crafted with Seedlip Grove, passionfruit and lemon for a burst of fruity flavour and will taste all the more delicious with a burger and fries.” — Ashleigh Cometti, beauty editor

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