Passionfruit sponge pudding. Photo / Babiche Martens

22 Perfect Puddings For A Cosy Night In

From self-saucing to sago, these decadent desserts make it all too easy to stay in

Passionfruit Sponge Puddings
Serve these light, spongey puddings immediately with mascarpone and a drizzle of passion fruit. The passion fruit in this recipe can be swapped out for whatever fruit is in season, too.

Homegrown Kitchen's Double Chocolate Raspberry Puddings
Eat these puddings warm topped with a dollop of yoghurt or drizzle of cream. If making these for a dinner party, the batter can be prepared ahead of time and baked after the main course. Your guests will be oohing and ahhing over these.

Banana, hazelnut and chocolate puddings. Photo / Babiche Martens

Banana, Hazelnut & Chocolate Puddings
These banana puddings can be prepared ahead of time and placed in the fridge until you are ready to bake, to ensure you can enjoy them hot from the oven with your family or flatmates (lucky them). Don’t forget cream or icecream to serve.

Overnight Orange & Chia Pudding
Pudding for breakfast? Rich in fibre, these little pearls take five minutes to turn into a tasty pudding and will last in the fridge for up to five days. Great for getting your mornings sorted in one bowl. It's also gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free, so it's perfect for pretty much everyone.

Toffee-topped rice pudding with pineapple and orange. Photo / Babiche Martens

Toffee-Topped Rice Pudding With Pineapple & Orange
This delicious, warm rice pudding recipe is pure satisfaction for those with a sweet tooth. You'll love tapping through the crunchy demerara sugar topping. It’s great served with colourful fruit. If you're craving a different flavour combination, try Orange & Pomegranate, or Feijoa.

Indian Bread Pudding (Shahi Tukra)
This is a dessert from Hyderabad, created by an imaginative chef who thought up a recipe to use the bread brought by the Europeans to India. The leavened bread was popularly termed ‘double roti’ because of its size. Saffron, almonds and raisins add wonderful colour and texture.

Little pear and ginger puddings. Photo / Babiche Martens

Little Pear & Ginger Puddings
Cancel your plans, these little puds are the perfect excuse to stay in. All you need is a handful of ingredients from the pantry and you're on your way to dessert bliss.

Date & Caramel Steamed Pudding
This classic dessert is a family favourite for a reason. Simple to prepare and sure to delight, this tried-and-true pudding goes down a treat with extra caramel sauce and a dollop of cream.

Apricot and ginger pudding. Photo / Babiche Martens

Apricot & Ginger Pudding
This apricot and ginger pudding is moist and delicious, hot or cold, and you can change the fruit depending on the season. Pears, plums or apples will make a tasty pudding. Find stem ginger in jars at your local supermarket.

Sponge Pudding with Apple & Rhubarb
Apple and rhubarb are the perfect marriage of flavours in this delicious pud. Serve warm with custard and enjoy when the weather calls for curling up with something comforting.

Sago pudding with passion fruit and blueberries. Photo / Babiche Martens

Sago Pudding With Passion Fruit & Blueberries
End your meal on a sweet note with this irresistible sago pudding, topped with beautiful seasonal fruit. It's a wonderfully tropical dessert, perfect served after an Asian-inspired meal.

Plum Pud
Classic desserts like this apple and plum sponge pudding can be made with any fruit. It is a perfect way to use what is growing in the garden or use some fruit you may have frozen just for an occasion like this. If you are a banana lover, try adding one to the cooked fruit. Served hot with cream or a good quality icecream, this dessert is hard to pass up.

Gluten-free date and honey pudding. Photo / Babiche Martens

Gluten-Free Date & Honey Pudding
If you are feeling a little naughty, try this gluten-free date and honey pudding. It is sweet, sticky and totally divine. Serve hot or cold with the honey caramel sauce. And, if you have any sauce left, save it and drizzle over a bowl of vanilla icecream and enjoy the gooeyness.

Bitter Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding
Dark chocolate fans will adore this self-saucing pud. It has all the classic elements you know and love, with the addition of rich dark chocolate taking it to delicious new heights.

Steaming fruit pudding. Photo / Babiche Martens

Steaming Fruit Pudding
A steamed pudding really is the ultimate winter warmer, and condensed milk and banana are a winning combinations — but don’t forget the whipped cream. If you are making your steamed pudding ahead of time, one to two minutes in the microwave will help to loosen the base and sides so you can invert it on to a plate.

Sticky Apricot & Almond Butter Puddings
These sticky and moist little apricot puddings are made with almond butter making them naturally free of gluten, and full of nourishment. They are topped with a fantastic dairy-free caramel sauce made with coconut cream and honey. Perfectly sweet and decadent — fabulous for impressing dinner guests.

Fruit sponge pudding with cream. Photo / Babiche Martens

Fruit Sponge Pudding With Cream
This is a fruit sponge to die for. Use whatever fruit you have on hand, top it with a light, spongy topping and serve with cream or icecream. Simple comfort food at its best. 

Sticky Pear & Peach Pudding
This lusciously sticky pudding is perfectly complemented with custard or creme fraiche and, if there’s any left over, it’s just as delicious reheated the next day.

Plum and white chocolate pudding. Photo / Babiche Martens

Plum & White Chocolate Pudding
Don’t forget to add a little decadence with your favourite vanilla icecream slightly melted on this warm, moreish pud.

Depot’s Cookie Skillet
Al Brown’s famous cookie dessert can be found here, just as delectably good in the comfort of your home. Make sure you have Choc Whizz.

Rhubarb & Raspberry Pecan Crumbles
It’s no problem if you don’t have little tins in which to create these crunchy, golden-topped gems. You can either use ramekins or make one large crumble. This is also delicious cold the next day.

Viv's Sticky Banana & Date Puddings
Homemade caramel sauce is the perfect finishing touch to these little puddings. The combination of banana and date is rich, gooey decadence at its best.

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