Auckland's Best Sandwiches

Sometimes you just want a satisfying snack that's ready to go. Here, the Viva team chooses our favourite sandwiches around Auckland

Fort Greene is eating out editor Jesse Mulligan's pick for Auckland's best sandwich. Picture / Greg Bowker

"Fort Greene started out by selling their sandwiches from a food truck but got so popular so quickly they're now in a permanent location on K Rd. Try their haloumi sandwich, salty, crunchy and squeaky with the best bread and some greenery to keep you honest." — Jesse Mulligan, eating out editor
22 St Kevin's Arcade, K Rd, City 

"Wedged together in a brioche bun is the delicious combination of feta, rosemary, and roasted eggplant, carrot, courgette and red peppers. A taste sensation for $9.50 from Scratch Bakers."  Amanda Linnell, managing editor    
5 Graham St, City                                                                                                    

"The Essential Deli in Mt Eden has the best caesar salad sandwich in Auckland, with creamy dressing, fresh parmesan chunks, bacon and - the winning factor  - soft fresh white bread cut in doorstops. It's the only sandwich I buy." — Angela Casley, recipes editor
455 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden

"It's hard to beat the chicken salad sandwich at Federal Delicatessen, with comes with 'chicken skin cracklin's, berg and dipping gravy'." — Guy Coombes, photographer
86 Federal St, City

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"The Turkish chicken sandwich at Bambina, with caramelised onion and avocado, is the best sandwich in town and has always been consistent. — Dan Ahwa, fashion editor
268 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby

"I love No. 6 Caffetteria's rolls, especially the beef with beetroot mayo." — Janetta Mackay, beauty editor
6 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna

“I am a sucker for haloumi - pair it with a crusty baguette like the sandwich from Major Sprout and I am sold. Make sure to get it heated for the best combination of gooey and crunchy.” — Danielle Clausen, editorial assistant
21 Graham St, City

"The vegetarian sandwich from Ceremony is so good I often find myself day-dreaming about it. Filled with an over-easy-egg, spiced chickpea patty, feta, charred eggplant, and chipotle ketchup, jammed between a fluffy brioche bun."  Rosie Kelway, writer
7 Park Rd, Grafton

"I think I've been eating the toasted chicken poppyseed bagel with purple cabbage and delicious mayo at Sheinkin Cafe for about 15 years - even thinking about it now is making my mouth water." — Shandelle Battersby, acting digital content producer
3 Lorne St, City

"The grilled haloumi sandwich with avocado at Catroux is my go-to - the perfect snackable size and always delicious. You can find it around town at other cafes too: Eight Thirty on High St, and The Shelter in Ponsonby. — Zoe Walker, associate editor
129 West End Rd, Westmere

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