The Best Burgers in Auckland

Where can you find the best burgers in Auckland? The Viva team weighs in on the issue

The Goguma from Tiger Burger is a delicious option for burgers in Auckland. Picture / Supplied.

“Given that Tiger Burger is a pop-up, you have to keep your eyes peeled for which market the Korean-inspired eatery will be at next, but the search is well worth it. The Goguma, which has a shiitake mushroom and kumara patty, is by far the best meat-free burger I’ve tried — it’s deliciously crispy and there’s no element of stodginess, which so often plagues vege patties. I’ve heard good things about the Kimcheese burger too, which has beef, sauteed kimchi and aged cheddar in between a custom demi-brioche.” — Jessica Beresford, digital producer

Burger Burger burgers are so good they make every other burger in the city look like a terrible joke. Hand made, medium rare, brioche buns — these three elements alone would elevate this place above 99 per cent of competitors. But then there is the fast and accommodating service, the party atmosphere and the optional fresh chillies. I loved Burger Burger from the moment it opened, and we should thank all the burger gods nightly that we're lucky enough to have this restaurant in our city.” — Jesse Mulligan, eating out editor

“I love a gourmet burger as much as the next person, but because I tend to eat like a 10-year-old, chip sandwiches, sour lollies and Filet-o-Fish burgers are part of my staple diet these days. The crispy fish fillet with cheese and tartar sauce wedged between two steamed buns from McDonald’s is heaven on earth for me.” — Dan Ahwa, fashion editor

“Vegetarian or not, the falafel burger from Burger Wisconsin is a healthy and delicious go-to dinner option. Bursting with flavour, I would choose this falafel over a beef patty any day!” — Lucy Casley, design and digital assistant

“My failsafe order at Burger Master in Birkenhead is the bacon and avocado burger with tomato relish and honey-cured bacon. It’s almost bigger than my head but the tastiness outweighs the calories. Burger Master’s Deluxe Vegetarian with peanut sauce is also a stand-out. They also do a mean fish’n’chips, there’s a place to tie the dog outside and service always comes with a smile.” — Rebecca Barry Hill, writer

“I'm obsessed with the kimchi burger from Little Bird. It's a work of art — a kimchi pancake patty with homemade cashew aioli, a slice of vegan cheddar 'cheese', homemade tomato relish and fermented chilli sauce, thick slices of organic tomato and avocado, all sandwiched together by crunchy iceberg lettuce and served with a side of the best kale chips in town. It is succulent and juicy, drips down your hand like a good burger should, and even helps cure hangovers.” — Rebecca Wadey, wellbeing editor

“Chicken is not my usual burger selection, I’m usually a cheeseburger kind of girl, but Ralph’s fried chicken burger is full of their legendary fried chicken, tangy pickles and oh-so-good American-style yellow mustard, all in a perfectly squishy burger bun. Impossible to go past. And it comes with curly fries!” — Beth Walsh, designer

“As a vegetarian burger-lover, it can be a tough out there sometimes. Burger Fuel removed my favourite vege burger from their menu a few years ago and as for McDonalds’s, well, they have no vegetarian options at all! Burger King is the only fast food burger joint that hasn’t let me down. It’s not actually on the menu, but if you ask for a salad burger, the staff will never question you. It’s a whopper burger with deep fried onion rings instead of a meat patty.” — Rosie Kelway, writer

"I remember when Burger Fuel opened and felt terribly fancy, and while other burger joints have come along that truly take the gourmet burger crown (hi Burger Burger), I always return to Burger Fuel. It's a classic. I usually get the Bambina: beef patty, salad, relish and aioli, on a smaller bun - perfect for smaller appetites." — Zoe Walker, associate editor

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