Lindauer Prosecco DOC Rosé and Lindauer Prosecco DOC / Babiche Martens.

A Fresh Festive Fizz Is Here For Summer

Lindauer has launched a new range of Prosecco, and we invited five local favourites to pop a bottle to toast the year that’s been

The holiday season is upon us, and there is plenty to celebrate right now — the weather is warming up, we’re connecting with loved ones, and looking forward to 2022. After a challenging year, coming together and celebrating the good things has added significance, and is an apt reason to open a bottle of bubbles. Summer means alfresco entertaining of course, and the southern hemisphere’s festive period is famously balmy. As we head outside to enjoy ourselves, Lindauer’s newest release is just in time for the celebratory season.

The local favourite is adding Prosecco to its popular Special Reserve range; there’s a classic variety to uncork, Lindauer Prosecco DOC, as well as a blush pink Prosecco DOC Rosé. Launched in early November, its Proseccos are off to a strong start; local review site Wine Orbit recently gave both wines a five-star rating, with each receiving 93 points.

These new additions are the New Zealand winemaker’s first foray into the popular category, and to do so it has partnered with one of Italy’s leading wine producers, the family-owned company Zonin 1821. Lindauer’s Prosecco range is labelled DOC, or Denominazione di Origine Controllata, which denotes the quality, Italian origin and tradition of each grape, as well as the authenticity of the method.

Though a long-established wine, Prosecco is enduringly (and increasingly) popular; it has become a stylish summer favourite in Aotearoa, and this evocative beverage stirs up old memories and will accompany us as we Create new ones. With its rich flavour and fabulous fizz, it’s perfect for a season centred on celebration — so we invited some friends of Viva to pop a bottle of Lindauer Prosecco DOC, reflect on their year, and tell us what they’re celebrating now.

Angela Casley / Babiche Martens


In her role as Viva’s recipe editor and busy schedule crafting feasts galore, Angela knows her way around a celebration. The demand for uplifting, nourishing food ideas has been high this year, and she has served up countless ideas of how to feed your loved ones. Looking ahead to Christmas entertaining, Angela takes some time to catch her breath and enjoy the moment.

What do you love about Prosecco, and why is it the perfect drop for the holidays?
What don’t I like? To me, popping a bubble of Prosecco means there is always something to celebrate. The flavour is light, perfect to sip over summer. I like to add in a strawberry to bite into when I hit the bottom. It also makes for a wonderful summery spritz.

What's your celebration style?
My style is casual, yet classy! I prepare plenty of nibbles ahead of time, so I can circulate with guests while keeping the bubbles flowing and mingling. I often put on a slow-cooked leg of lamb at 10am to serve later in the evening with pitas and hummus when guests get peckish later on. For the perfect event, I put on a great playlist and encourage indoor-outdoor flow.

Who will you be entertaining this summer, and why is coming together so significant?
This year, we will have four generations coming together for the first time, some of whom are travellers with overseas stories to be shared. It is a great opportunity to get friends from various circles together to meet or rekindle over a glass of bubbles and a nibble. It gives me so much pleasure watching everyone having a great time.

What does celebration mean to you?
Celebrations are about creating special memories with family and friends, while also reminiscing about fun times. The traditions my parents started have continued through the generations, where we all gather for summer drinks and barbeques without the need of an excuse to celebrate. We wouldn’t change it for anything.

Moses Mackay / Babiche Martens


An entertainer who is familiar with the spotlight, Moses has a great deal to celebrate this year. Whether it's toasting his highs, or connecting with family, he does it all with down-to-earth charm.

What will you be celebrating this summer?
It’s been a big year, 2021. Sol3 Mio toured the country at the start of this year and we played in Spark Arena (which was my highlight of the year), I found myself on a reality tv show, and Auckland went into lockdown for the longest time — all the while I was also co-hosting the Flava breakfast radio show every weekday. We also recorded the fourth Sol3 Mio album Coming Home — which we’ve JUST released, which is exciting. I have family and friends who live outside of Auckland, so I hope that come summer we can reunite! It’s been so long.

What's your celebration style?
My style is not as lavish and grand as perhaps others. But a few good people, beautiful food, a bottle of something tasty, and a picturesque sunset seems like the perfect stage to celebrate.

What does celebration mean to you, and why is it so important?
Every moment is worth celebrating — spontaneous adventures, belly laughs and magical moments. Acknowledging milestones in your life is important I think, because it brings you into the moment. Forces you to stop and appreciate all the things you have.

What do you love about Prosecco, and why is it the perfect drop for the holidays?
It reminds me of Italy, long lunches, the Amalfi coast… Prosecco in a funny way reminds me of travelling. It reminds me of a bottle I bought on the streets in Cinque Terre a few years ago; watching the sunset fade while buskers played music, I sat on a cobbled wall by the sea with a couple of friends I randomly bumped into in Italy while I was travelling alone. I can’t wait to travel again. To taste the world again.

Kiekie Stanners / Babiche Martens


The talent behind local fashion’s best faces, Kiekie has helped craft many of Viva’s beauty looks this year, and her artistic prowess and support of Aotearoa’s creative community is something to celebrate.

What does celebration mean to you, and why is it so important to create these special moments?
I live for a celebration, surely that’s what life is about right? It’s the everyday magic moments that you always have to treasure and toast to. Don’t wait for the momentous moments — celebrate the joy of life. If this last year has taught me anything it’s to get back to that mentality of living every day full of love and appreciation.

What's your celebration style, and could you talk us through your celebratory set up?
My celebration style is most definitely bubbles, charcuterie board and a great soundtrack with friends. I can’t claim to be a great chef, and as I prefer a light accoutrement spread so you feel up to dancing after, this is always my go-to summer picnic; Italian bread, French cheese, New Zealand chocolate and bubbles.

What do you love about Prosecco?
I love bubbles in summer, it feels like the perfect toast after a day at the beach. And Prosecco is light and smooth enough to enjoy with a meal.

Who will you be entertaining this summer, and why is coming together so significant?
I am dreaming of having the best Aotearoa summer ever, and finally coming together with friends and family. It feels like it’s been a long time between carefree summers so this year I will most definitely be embracing every moment with loved ones and hopefully plenty of road trips up north with new and old friends. This one will most definitely be significant and I want to treasure every moment — with friends, next to the ocean.

Adrian Hailwood / Babiche Martens


A favourite of the soiree set, with a longstanding boutique in famous party-district Karangahape Rd, and a runway regular who knows how to put on a spectacular show, few do celebrations quite like local designer Adrian Hailwood. He shares his advice for throwing together a celebratory occasion with a splash of style.

What does celebration mean to you?
Celebration for me is to pause and take in a moment for something achieved with friends and family to celebrate.

Could you talk us through your celebratory set up — what are you serving?
Bubbles and fresh oysters on ice with a Prosecco vinaigrette would go down a treat together. Add in some snapper sliders and strawberries to finish and you’re set. Entertaining at home on my upper deck with city views is a relaxing way to celebrate this summer.

What do you love about Prosecco, and why is it the perfect drop for the holidays?
Prosecco Rose is a light fresh bubble with a tart finish that I'll enjoy with friends over the summer. Especially during these trying times, I feel it’s more important to celebrate the small things in life that we all have missed a bit of, which is togetherness.

Stacey Morrison / Babiche Martens


From brightening up your commute (even if you're just heading from the couch to the kitchen) as co-host of The Hits drive show, to writing books and raising a busy family, Stacey Morrison has had a productive year, and there’s plenty to celebrate.

Could you talk us through your celebratory set up — why have you chosen these accoutrements, what are you serving?
Outdoor celebrations are very topical right now, it's fair to say! This light table is easy to pull out into the backyard, as is the chair, and I'd just been given these beautiful peonies by a friend that very day. I love strawberries and grapes as a light snack if I'm enjoying a glass of Prosecco.

What do you love about Prosecco, and why is it the perfect drop for the holidays?
I only drink sparkling, and Prosecco is nice and light, the celebration feeling is there, and it's refreshing in the sun.

Who will you be entertaining this summer, and why is coming together so significant?
Coming together feels like a privilege in Covid times, so when we can, let's do it! We will have friends and wh?nau around in the backyard this summer, and even looking forward to it is good for the soul.

What does celebration mean to you, and why is it so important to create these special moments?
Celebration means dedicated time to appreciate and focus on things we are grateful for, so creating those moments give us not only the joy of the moment, but also memories to treasure!

Lindauer Prosecco DOC and Prosecco DOC Rosé are available now at supermarkets and liquor outlets nationwide.

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