Auckland's Tastiest Cheese Platters

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who can resist a delicious cheese platter. Here are some of our favourites around Auckland

It's difficult to resist the pull of an amazing cheese platter. Picture / 123RF

“The small cheese selection at Ponsonby Road Bistro is always good and you're guaranteed an informed wine match. After lugging a prized Epoisses home from France late last year — in my luggage, not carry-on, as advised by the man from Emirates lest the aroma infiltrate the cabin — I discovered this regional speciality of Burgundy on the blackboard menu a few weeks later. — Janetta Mackay, beauty editor

“Any day’s a good day to eat cheese, but make a day trip out of it and head up to Warkworth’s Ransom Winery for their platter of Puhoi cheeses. For $10 per 40gm serving of cheese, you get a beautifully presented selection of traditional brie, distinction blue and aged cheddar, served with marinated olives from its olive trees, a homemade cabernet jelly made from its wine, a handmade fig and walnut roll, crackers and fresh bread. The pretty platters are garnished with fresh fruit, toasted almonds and edible leaves and flowers from its gardens, and you get the added bonus of dining with a picturesque view of the vines. Also highly recommended is the Wine Taster’s Platter ($22), which comes with smoked wild game salami, cheeses and specialty breads, and seasonal vegetable dishes and dips.” — Shandelle Battersby, digital content producer

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"The drive out to Puhoi from the city is always good, whether stopping for a beer at its famed pub or the equally popular Puhoi Valley Cafe & Cheese Store. My favourite is the Ploughman’s Platter, a selection of Puhoi cheeses served with a side of crusty bread, smoked ham, pastrami and tangy gherkins, and washed down with a good drop of red.” — Dan Ahwa, fashion editor

“I’ve always been a sucker for gooey honeycomb, and what better way to enjoy it than alongside cheese. I’m a fan of the goat curd with honeycomb and walnut crackers ($15) from Golden Dawn — best enjoyed with a glass of rose.” — Danielle Clausen, editorial assistant

“Sipping on rose while nibbling away at the many Winemaker’s Platters we had ordered at Villa Maria was the tastiest way to celebrate my sister’s birthday. The platter had all my favourite toppings; prosciutto, smoked salmon, cheeses and antipasto — and everything was fresh and tasty. It was also served with olives, bread and crostini. As we were a large group, we ordered the platters in advanced and the staff were very efficient bringing them out to us within just a few minutes. Everyone at the table was satisfied with the platters. Platters, wine, vineyards – I live for this combination. ($53 per platter).” — Lucy Casley, designer

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