13 Easy Breakfast Hacks

Too busy to eat the most important meal of the day? We asked the experts for some quick and easy breakfast tips

A breakfast cup from The Raw Kitchen. Picture / Supplied

Olivia Scott, director of The Raw Kitchen
1. Keep healthy snacks in the pantry to reach for when you need a quick breakfast snack on the go. High-protein nuts like almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts, coconut yoghurt, fresh fruit and seeds can make a quick breakfast cup in no time

2. Freeze pre-made smoothie ingredients in bags. Pineapple, banana and kale blended with almond milk is easy to throw into a blender on the run. Store your smoothie in a jar so you can sip on it as you go.

3. Making a pre-soaked breakfast, such as chia pudding or seed bircher, can be enjoyable and a healthier way to enjoy a quick breakfast

Hannah Bryan, director of Bowl and Arrow

1. Night-before preparation. We love bircher muesli as it's delish, keeps you full, and is super easy to make. Just prep it in a jar the night before.

2. Keep it simple.

3. Stocking up once for the week. Think frozen bananas and fruit for smoothie bowls or a wholesome loaf of bread which can be kept in the freezer (we love the Midnight Baker's Freedom Loaf).

Megan May, founder of Little Bird Organics
1. Ripe avocados. There is never a time when avocado on toast (preferably organic sprouted toast) is not a great quick meal idea.

2. Almond butter or other nut butters like cashew or hazelnut are great to have in the pantry for making 30-second nut milks if you like cereal or porridge for breakfast. You just blend nut butter with water and you have milk!

3. Have a stash of frozen fruits like berries, acai, bananas and pineapple in your freezer for making easy delicious smoothies.

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Graedon Parker, creative director of Organic Mechanic.

1. Drink pure water. We wake up in the morning after going for 6-8 hours without hydration, so it is important to start the day (before doing anything else) with a few glasses of purified water. 

2. Get a good sleep. The spectrum of blue light emitted from smartphones in the dark before sleep has shown to fool our brains into thinking we are out in the sunshine, and cause our body to start waking, making it difficult to sleep. For the optimum morning wake-up try to end your device usage before you get in and after you get out of bed. 

3. Make time to prepare. Dedicating time to go out and get all the possible ingredients you need for breaking your fast in the morning means you can seamlessly create smoothies, muesli bowls, and the superstar toast combos you have always dreamed of. 

4. Release expectations. Often we set big goals and expectations on ourselves, and sometimes taking the first step can be overshadowed by an almost unbelievably high case of stairs. Make it easy on yourself by dropping expectations and focus on improving one small dietary change a week. 

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