Nothing beats a slice of great pizza. Picture / Sylvie Whinray

Where To Find Auckland's Best Pizza

When it's made right, pizza can be oh so good. The Viva team share their favourite pizza parlours around town

Farina does fantastic pizza whether you're eating in or out. All the flavours are authentic and incredible, though it's hard to beat the pork and fennel sausage.” — Jesse Mulligan, dining out editor
244 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby

Archie’s Pizzeria in Newmarket does a mean Alla Capricciosa. On a crispy, semi-charred base you get the ultimate Italian flavour combo of salami, olives, capsicum, anchovies, tomato, mozzarella and oregano. The cosy atmosphere makes it worth dining in for.” – Rebecca Barry Hill, contributing writer
63 Davis Cres, Newmarket

The sausage pizza from Epolitos. Photo / Fiona Goodall

“Whether it’s a simple cheese pizza or a sausage pie, the New York-style pizzas at Epolito’s are a treat, and taste better at home watching a movie with a crisp lager.” — Dan Ahwa, creative director
166 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn

Mushroom pizza from Totos. Photo Fiona Goodall

"Settebello is a little slice of Napoli in New Lynn. Owner Francesco Acri's woodfired pizzas are pizza Napoletana style, with slow-proved pizza dough that's light and perfectly charred for 60-90 seconds in a superfired oven. Expect classic toppings like quattro formaggi (blue cheese, ricotta, parmigiano and mozzarella), cotto (tomatoes, mozzarella and ham) and marinara (tomatoes, garlic, oregano, basil and olive oil). There are 30 different pizzas on the menu, which is the perfect excuse to keep stopping into this charming - and fairly kitschy - spot, with its red and white tablecloths, chequerboard floor and Naples memorabilia on the walls." — Johanna Thornton, deputy editor
3/1 Rata St, New Lynn, Auckland

"I'm currently into the pear, blue cheese and walnut pizza at Freida Margolis. It's not quite a Domino's cheese pizza which I also love (if not more) but the combination of flavours is really great. The cosy wine bar is dimly lit, is great for people watching (loads of theatre and artsy Grey Lynn types being dramatic) and in the afternoon, the sunshine hits you just right if you're sitting outside with a slice and a glass of sangria." — Dan Ahwa, creative director
440 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn

Settebello owner Francesco Acri slinging slices. Photo / Babiche Martens

"Toto is something of an institution in central Auckland – famous for their impressively large metre-long pizzas that are great for feeding a crowd (though they also sell by the slice for those with some self control). As any loyal Toto-fan knows, the best flavour is the Boscaiola: an aromatic combination of mushrooms, truffle oil and pine nuts. For the brave, take things up a notch in the flavour department by adding anchovies." — Emma Gleason, commercial editor
5 Hardinge Street, Auckland CBD 

"As much as we love a fancy gourmet pizza, we also love an unassuming classic. Uncomplicated, ultra-familiar and affordable, Domino’s really scratches that itch on a Friday night. Rather than going for anything elaborate, we love ordering an old-school peperoni pizza (thick crust) with extra chilli flakes and oregano. Less ingredients means the peperoni really comes into its own, crispy and flavoursome, nestled in that gooey cheese. Bon appétit!" — Emma Gleason, commercial editor

"Natural wine bar Clay on Karangahape Rd is another great spot for pizza. On the menu is a rotating selection of one or two pizzas, celebrating whatever's in season, and making it easy to select a slice — the chef is always right at Clay. Come early summer, you might find an asparagus and pancetta pizza with chilli and lemon, which Clay describes as a "summer barbecue on a pizza"; spring could offer a tomato, broccoli and Ortiz anchovy pizza and the depths of winter may provide a sour cream, spring onion and lemon pizza. At Clay, pairing a slice with a crisp natural wine is half the fun and there's a great selection to choose from, expertly curated by the wine-loving owners." — Johanna Thornton, deputy editor

366 Karangahape Rd, Auckland CBD

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