TBT: Where to Get Classic Comfort Food

Curly fries, toasties and mince pies – 10 old-school favourites worth revisiting

Burger Burger. Picture / Babiche Martens.

Warning: there are no greens or ancient grains on this list. These foods are not organic, paleo or "slow". They're old fashioned and comforting - think pies, fried chicken and sausage rolls. They're the foods you used to eat, before you heard how terrible gluten, sugar and happiness were for you. So, where can you find such simple comforts in Auckland's increasingly wellness-focussed world?

1. It was your favourite treat while growing up – and while it doesn't come with a side of buzz-bar-sundae anymore, a Georgie Pie steak mince ‘n’ cheese pie still ticks the nostalgia and comfort boxes. Just don't look at the ingredients list. For a classier update, Scratch Bakers has modern flavours such as pork belly cider and wagyu mince and cheese.

2. A burger at any time is comforting, but when it's from Burger Burgeryou can guarantee a gourmet experience. If the queue is too long, head to Burger Fuel, and make sure to order a side of kumara fries.

3. If it's sweetness you are craving, visit Federal Deli for its pumpkin and lemon meringue pies, or Depot next door, for its renowned sugar pie. The mouth-watering filling is concocted from just three ingredients - eggs, (a lot of) cream and brown sugar.

4. Anyone who has been to Malaysia will forever miss the taste of roti canai. The flaky flat bread, a staple in the country, is hard to find in Auckland. Thank goodness for Chef Rasa Sayang in Birkenhead, where the roti – and accompanying chicken curry – are drool-inducing.

5. The team at Miss Moonshine's are comfort food specialists, with a menu featuring juicy, slow-cooked meat, mac 'n' cheese balls and corn bread. But the unexpected highlight is a bowl of pig tail (curly) fries. You won't want to share.

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6. How could something that sounds so bad be so good? Orleans brought the undeniably American dish of fried chicken and waffles to Britomart. Try them when your cravings run sweet and salty.

7. Even the phrase “milk and cookies” sounds comforting. Deanna Yang has taken the after-school combo to extremes with her inner-city shop (now closed) and the Moustache Milk & Cookie Bus. The bus will be in Auckland for the last time this weekend (outside Lynn Mall Brickworks today and outside Sylvia Park Friday to Sunday) before heading to Wellington. A new shop is opening soon at Auckland University.

8. For an ice cream sundae old-school style, head to Ollies Ice Cream Parlour in Royal Oak. The diner-like decor and endless flavour options – Gold Rush, Candy Floss, Lime Swirl and more – will bring out the child in you.

9. A trip to Little and Friday will provide abundant sweet and savoury comforts. Try a raspberry cream doughnut, sausage roll or bread and butter pudding, with a pack of chocolate and raspberry-filled meringues to take away.

10. Keep it classic with a toasted sandwich from The White Lady. The inner-city food trailer celebrated 68 years this March.

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