Where to Find Great Ramen in Auckland

Where does the best ramen in Auckland? The Viva team pick their favourites

Ramen Takara. Picture / Guy Coombes.

“When The Grove chef Ben Bayly visited Japan he learnt the many rules of ramen, including the most important one of all — that if you're the one making the ramen, you make the rules too. So although ramen equals broth plus noodles plus garnish, Bayly messes with that equation, making the noodles from broad squid shaved super fine. His French-influenced pork and chicken consommé is a masterpiece created over many hours, while his toppings depend on the catch of the day — though crispy pork skin and a perfectly poached quail egg are always on.” — Jesse Mulligan, eating out editor

“The Negi Chasu from Ramen Takara is a cheap and cheerful way to stay warm on a cold winter’s night, especially soothing after a long day at work. This hot bowl includes diced pork with bean sprouts, egg, spring onion and sesame.” — Dan Ahwa, fashion editor

“I really love Kazuya on Symonds St, and I really love ramen. So when Kazuya opened ramen bar Zool Zool in Mt Eden I was always going to be a sure thing. It's all so deliciously comforting but when I really need a big warm belly I can't go past the Tantan — a delicate sesame chilli broth.” — Rebecca Wadey, wellbeing editor

“The ramen from Kyushu Sushi on Hinemoa St in Birkenhead is not even referred to as such — I just ask for the noodle bowls. Judging by the pile of plastic containers now in the cupboard, I’ve done this a few times. This soupy goodness is packed with seaweed, mushroom, tofu and meat, and it comes with a side of healthy slaw and a tub of chilli. At just $10 they’re an all-too-easy way to take a break from cooking on a wintry night.” — Rebecca Barry Hill, writer

“Heading to Chop Chop Noodle House in Ponsonby Central is a cosy and fun way to spend a night out with friends. My pick is their Barley Miso Ramen with chilli tofu, mushrooms, courgette kimchi, smoked miso butter and rye noodles.  — Rosie Kelway, writer

“There are so many good options to choose from at Ramen Do on Symonds St, but I always go back to the Hokkaido. The soup is miso-based and comes with generous servings of pork (often a rarity), noodles, eggs and greens. What the staff lack in friendliness, they make up for in broth expertise — and that’s all that really matters.” — Jessica Beresford, digital producer

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