The Best Cheese Dishes Around Auckland, According To The Viva Team

We celebrate the best gooey, stretchy and dangerously dairy-filled creations around town

Poutine fries from Federal Delicatessen. Photo / @federaldelicatessen

Poutine Fries from Federal Delicatessen
Fed Deli takes a humble plate of fries to the next level by serving it as poutine, piling it with with cheese curd and gravy, and pastrami if you’re game. Best enjoyed with a frosty Sawmill beer.
— Johanna Thornton, deputy editor

Halloumi from Orphans Kitchen
Whether you’re keto, low-carb, gluten intolerant or a cheese fiend like me, Orphans Kitchen’s halloumi dish is sure to satisfy. This is no piddly slice of halloumi, either. We’re talking a thick-cut wedge of the good white stuff, chunky enough to hold a door open if required. Couple this with the sweetness of soaked Medjool dates and the crunchy saltiness of roasted hazelnuts, and you have a moreish, fat-fuelled breakfast sure to have you powering through work emails at record speed. 
— Ashleigh Cometti, commercial editor & beauty writer

Pan-fried ouzo cheese from Gypsy Caravan. Photo / @gypsycaravanponsonby

Knefi from Gemmayze St
I'll take any opportunity to eat cheese, even dessert. The knefi from Gemmayze St makes this possible, with warm ricotta cheese combined with crispy kataifi pastry, sweet orange blossom syrup and a scoop of sorbet. Swoon. 
— Saru Krishnasamy, digital editor

Panko Halloumi from FishSmith
The panko halloumi from FishSmith is by far my favourite cheese dish in town. Crumbed and deep fried, it's fluffy and crispy on the outside and the right amount of gooey cheese on the inside. They are dangerously moreish, and go down well with a cold beer.
— Dan Ahwa, fashion editor

Chickpea Smoked Mozzarella Chips from Cotto
Cotto's chickpea smoked mozzarella chips with almond aioli are ridiculous, in a good way. Having them as a warm-up dish to a large bowl of pasta may seem excessive, but everything in moderation including moderation I say.
— Rosie Herdman, writer & fashion assistant 

Quesadillas from Mexico
Try Mexico's chicken and cheese quesadillas like a toastie to share, ideally with a few other dishes.
— Janetta Mackay, beauty editor

Poutine fries from Federal Delicatessen. Photo / @federaldelicatessen

Ouzo Cheese from Gypsy Caravan
When it’s on the menu the pan-fried ouzo cheese from Gypsy Caravan leads the cheese pack in town. The dish is served in a bubbling skillet and its honey drenched sauce is set alight at the table. Pair that with the accompanied sourdough (and also order the polenta chips) to soak up the melting goodness and you’ve got your bases covered. 
— Sarah Downs, writer 

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