Melon & Marinated Feta Salad With Basil. Photo / Babiche Martens

Get Creative With Feta Cheese With These Clever Recipes

What better way to zhuzh up salad, spaghetti or scrolls than with creamy feta cheese?

Melon & Marinated Feta Salad With Basil
This melon salad is a summer must for every occasion — from work lunches to backyard barbecues. The slightly salty marinated feta brings out the honeyed flavour of the melons.

Golden Cauliflower Bites With Mint & Feta
Fried until tender and satisfyingly crispy, these cauliflower, mint and feta bites are perfectly snackable and easy to make. We dare you to try just one.

Cheesy Savoury Scrolls
For a delicious morning tea or snack, these ham and feta scrolls are always a favourite and are best when still slightly warm from the oven. Who, after all, doesn’t like the smell of a savoury dough baking?

Spinach & Feta Spiral. Photo / Babiche Martens

Spinach & Feta Spiral 
Spinach and feta are a match made in heaven, especially when they're baked to perfection in this filo spiral. Enjoy with a side salad and bread for a tasty lunch or vegetarian dinner.

Speedy Sausage Pasta With Tomatoes, Spinach & Feta
You can’t beat pasta as a base for a quick and hearty meal. There is no need for a creamy, rich sauce. Instead, a tin of tomatoes with some garlic, olives, greens and feta cheese creates a nutritious meal.

Pumpkin Gratin With Feta, Parmesan & Mustard
Add this cheesy, golden gratin to your list of favourite side dishes. Gratin means a crisp and golden cheese topping. Here, versatile pumpkin makes a great base for such a dish with feta and parmesan creating the cheesy top.

Pan-Fried Feta Cheese With Honey & Tomato Salad. Photo / Babiche Martens

Pan-Fried Feta Cheese With Honey & Tomato Salad
Try this fried feta recipe once and you'll soon become obsessed. Simple and impressive, it's the perfect starter for impromptu dinner guests.

Braised Pumpkin, Courgette & Feta Bake With Eggs
Feed a little or a lot with this simple brunch recipe. Serve in individual dishes or bake in one big pan depending on your breakfast crowd.

Bacon & Feta Picnic Quiche
It feels as if quiche has been around forever, but the endless flavour combinations bring us back to it time and time again. This version is packed full of flavour with bacon, feta and chives and will be a joy come lunchtime.

Avocado on Rye with Feta & Toasted Pumpkin Seeds. Photo / Babiche Martens

Avocado on Rye with Feta & Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
Classic avo on toast gets a fancy twist with the addition of pesto, feta and crunchy pumpkin seeds. Enjoy for a posh breakfast or quick lunch.

Lamb & Feta Meatballs With Smoky Eggplant Hummus
These meatballs are simply moreish - you can't beat the mix of lamb mince, creamy feta and fresh mint. Serve with smoky eggplant hummus, warm Lebanese bread and a crunchy pomegranate seeds.

Prawn Spaghetti With Courgette, Feta & Chilli. Photo / Babiche Martens

Prawn Spaghetti With Courgette, Feta & Chilli
You can knock this up in no time at all. Leave the creamy sauces behind and try the simple combination of fresh tomatoes, courgette and prawns. Add feta and smoked salmon for the perfect finishing touch.

Petite Kitchen's Lemony Bean Salad with Sheep Feta & Mint
Feta and mint are a classic combination. Toss with blanched green beans and roasted pistachios to make this lovely spring salad.

One-Pan Garlic Butter Beans With Sumac, Kale & Feta. Photo / Babiche Martens

One-Pan Garlic Butter Beans With Sumac, Kale & Feta
Small effort leads to big flavour in this simple vegetarian dish. Try adding mango for a surprising burst of sweetness if you feel so inclined.

Spinach & Feta Gozleme
Spinach and feta is such a Turkish combination. It’s often used as a filling with filo pastry or added to a moussaka. Once the dough has risen, this gozleme recipe is quick and simple to make.

Chickpea Bake
This bake boasts several ingredients, but really is so simple to throw together. At its core you'll find chickpeas, bacon and feta cooked with tomoatoes and paprika to create a delicious dish made for eating with warmed pita bread.

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